The Health Advantages Of Aligned Teeth

It is a well-known fact that misaligned teeth lead to problems that not only affect dental health but general wellbeing as well. Straightening your teeth can provide similar effects to that of a non-surgical facelift. You can gain a widened smile, smoother skin, and a more youthful-looking appearance.

There are numerous options available to straighten teeth. Clear aligners from Straight My Teeth are the most affordable alternative to braces. They offer so many payment options and opportunities. Straight My Teeth boasts easy, accommodating, and professional services. They will even refund you the full cost of an impression kit if the fit is not perfect for you.

Read on for the health advantages of having your teeth aligned.

Internal Bodily Advantages

Straight teeth are positioned best for biting and chewing effectively. Chewing more thoroughly speeds up the digestion process. Poorly chewed food makes the stomach and intestines work that much harder and that can lead to an unhealthy gut.

As misaligned teeth are more difficult to clean and keep healthy, this can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. These have in turn been linked to heart disease, strokes, and diabetes due to the inflammation caused in the body.

Crooked teeth lead to jaw misalignment that can result in chronic pain in the neck and face areas. Headaches are another common issue faced as there is excessive stress on the bones that support the jaw and mouth. These supporting bones will stay stronger when teeth are in their ideal positions. Once your teeth are straightened, you’ll need retainers to keep them that way. Gums do not always fit comfortably around misaligned teeth and this can easily lead to infection and gum disease (periodontal disease), which is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults.

External Advantages

Teeth that are spaced too closely together or too widely spread are difficult to keep clean. Brushing and flossing are made more complicated by misaligned teeth. Crowded, gapped, or protruding teeth negatively affect speaking patterns and clarity of speech. A large gap between the two front teeth or an acute overbite can result in a whistling sound or lisp. These can be corrected with teeth alignment.

Crooked teeth are also prone to more chips, breaks, and cracks as the teeth are often weaker due to poor dental hygiene. The tooth enamel is also more likely to be worn away on misaligned teeth. Aligned teeth are subject to less wear and tear as chewing and biting do not place unnecessary stress on the teeth.

Self-esteem Advantages

If your teeth are less than perfect, you are less likely to smile. Smiling is a sign of confidence. Having your teeth straightened boosts your self-esteem as when you look your best, you feel your best. This can have a positive effect on your career, relationships, and all aspects of your life. First impressions matter and one of the first things people notice and remember about you is your toothy grin. People with straight teeth are perceived to be more successful.

Whether your need to make your teeth straight is motivated by a desire for a better appearance or improved health and wellbeing, it is an important journey you should take for your optimum health and happiness.

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