Perfect Teeth: The New Frontier in Beauty

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Forget nips and tucks and having non-invasive treatments like Botox and fillers to erase that growing collection of wrinkles — these days, more people are concerned about the state of their teeth than anything else.

And it turns out that many people are so self-conscious and even embarrassed by their pearly whites, which are often several shades duller and even yellow and chipped and protruding at awkward angles, that they actively hide their teeth anytime they have to open their mouth, such as when they’re in company and laughing.

But now, with the advent of cheap cosmetic dentistry, many of us are finally doing something about the undesirable look of our gnashers, turning this aesthetic field into the latest frontier in beauty, for men as well as women.

Simpler Cosmetic Solutions

A survey last year, for example, showed that cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening were among the non-surgical cosmetic solutions almost half of the respondents were interested in, as more people shy away from the knife and go for gentler options to restore or enhance their appearance.

“People’s increasing candour online about their experiences of non-surgical procedures have helped to erode many of the taboos which still surround ‘having work done’, even normalising certain treatments,” said pollster Mintel, which carried out the survey. “This has also been boosted by the cult of reality television stars, many of whom are happy to share details of their own cosmetic enhancement experiences.”

That’s reflected in a poll early this year that showed nearly half of Brits want whiter or straighter teeth or to have crowns or veneers to give them a truly dazzling smile. Respondents said they wanted better, or perfect, teeth because they felt it would improve their self-confidence and make them look as good as they felt as well as to combat the ageing process and overall look younger.

It’s no wonder the cosmetic dentistry market is booming — estimated to be worth around £25.29 billion by 2026, from its current valuation of £14.52 billion — or that so-called dental tourism is on the rise as more people seek cheap cosmetic dentistry abroad while also having a holiday.

Getting to the Root of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry includes a number of procedures, and each one depends on an individual patient’s oral health and the condition of their teeth. It might be that someone just wants a chip or crack in their teeth repaired, and this can be achieved with one of the easiest and most affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures around: composite bonding, in which a resin is applied to cover the crack or chipped area.

Teeth whitening kits have become incredibly popular in recent times, and the safest and most effective to produce really white and lasting results are professional ones you get from your dentist. A mould is taken of your teeth and it’s then used to place the teeth whitening solution in so that it gets right up to each tooth — this is done at home, for a week or two.

For a more dramatic cosmetic dentistry procedure, you can opt to have crowns or veneers fitted. The difference is that crowns cover the whole tooth while veneers are only a thin sliver of porcelain that’s placed on the front of teeth. Both require filing of the teeth, to make room for them, and crowns will require more than veneers.

It’s thanks to the development of dental technology that cheap cosmetic dentistry is now widely available, and you can even have crowns or veneers made and fitted in as little as a day. It all adds up to a perfect and beautiful smile you can be proud of.

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