The Signs Of Aging That Are Easily Treatable

Many of us fear getting older. Society tells us that it’s a bad thing. Once we hit retirement age, we’re expected to be old and frail and only do things that pensioners do. But that simply isn’t the case.

While signs of aging can be alarming, changes to the body are completely normal. And, fortunately, many signs of aging are easily treatable. Hitting retirement doesn’t immediately make you a “pensioner”. So, when you find one of the following signs of aging, don’t be alarmed. Treat the problem and return to life as normal.

Sexual Performance

Some men find that, as they get older, their sexual performance takes a hit. This might be due to erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease (what happens if Peyronie’s disease is left untreated?) However, most issues with sexual performance are easily treated with over the counter medications. Speak to your GP for further information.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is a common symptom of aging that many people find distressing. They may find that their skin becomes itchy or fragile. Age spots are also a common sign of aging. Treat dry skin with fragrance-free moisturisers or ointments and stay hydrated.


Memory Loss

Memory loss is one of the signs of aging that causes alarm. People worry about developing dementia, which can prevent daily activities and be very unpleasant. However, memory loss isn’t always a concern for alarm. We get more forgetful with age. So, keep your brain active by staying mentally active and doing brain teasers. Exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet helps, too. If you’re concerned about your memory loss, speak to your GP. When dementia is caught early, it is easier to treat.


Some people struggle with incontinence as they age. This is more common for women. Incontinence isn’t pleasant, but pelvic floor exercises and cutting down on caffeine often helps.

Vision Or Hearing Problems

Unfortunately, our eyes and ears worsen as we age. Our eyes might struggle to focus, and we might struggle to hear certain noises. However, bad eyesight can be treated easily by an optician. You might just need stronger glasses. Hearing is a little trickier, but surgical procedures or hearing aids often do the trick.

Tooth Pain

Alongside our eyes and ears, our teeth also get a little weaker as we age. This is because they become less sensitive and we struggle to feel pain related to decay or gum disease. This means that issues are left untreated for longer. Maintaining good oral hygiene is important, no matter your age. By attending regular dentist appointments and brushing and flossing daily, your age shouldn’t affect your dazzling smile or ability to eat what you like.

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