Things to Do if You Start Feeling Ill These Days

In these challenging and strange times which we are currently, thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic, getting treatment for almost any health condition other than coronavirus is almost impossible. Many hospitals are overwhelmed due to the large number of coronavirus patients. We are being advised not to go to hospital unless absolutely necessary. However, if you do have to go to hospital because you start feeling ill, if you have travelled from abroad or have underlying health issues, be honest when dealing with health professionals when you make contact with them. But what if you do have a genuine reason for concern? Below, we look at some of the things you can do if you start feeling ill these days.

Observe Your Symptoms

You have to observe symptoms first. You might have been exposed to the virus, but it could also be something else like a common cold or other non-coronavirus related issue. Therefore, you have to observe your signs before you make a decision to see a doctor. You need to describe any and all symptoms in detail when you discuss your condition with a doctor. Regularly monitor your temperature too. If you’re a potential coronavirus patient, you will get a referral for a test.

Call A Local Hospital

One of the reasons why hospital staff end up with the virus is that they are exposed to a patient who has the virus. You shouldn’t just show up at a hospital and request medical care. If possible, you need to call first and discuss your symptoms. These days, most hospitals have a separate facility for those who are potential coronavirus patients. Only a medical professional with PPE should attend to your needs to avoid exposure.

However, if you’re not a high-risk patient, you may receive treatment in a different area of the hospital. You also need to call the hospital so that you will know what time you have to be there. Given the number of cases that require urgent attention, you probably can’t just show up anytime you want.

Get Enough Rest

Give yourself enough time to rest. You might feel sick right now because of stress, anxiety or exhaustion – maybe a combination of all three. It can happen for a host of reasons. Lack of physical activity could be a reason why you may feel unwell. Eating an unhealthy diet may also be a contributory factor. It may be that all you need do is modify your diet and undertake daily exercise to start feeling better. Maybe, if your regular routine has been interrupted, your sleep patterns are also now interrupted or irregular.

Purchase Medicines Online

You may notice health issues where none were present before. Perhaps, for example, your skin is breaking out in spots or your nails are discolouring. Changes in diet, lack of exercise, stress and anxiety can cause different symptoms to manifest from one person to another.

It is not unusual for skin breakouts to occur under such trying conditions. Maybe your personal hygiene has been allowed to take a hit during these trying times. Some conditions such as fungal nail infections can be treated with over the counter medication such as fungal nail tablets. Taking the tablets will help ease the pain and clear the infection rapidly.

Whatever symptoms you may suffer from, only you can decide what course of action to take to start on the road to recovery. Some conditions can be treated easily and rapidly, others need time and more dedicated treatment. If you are unsure, consult a medical professional.

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