Growing up in the 90s: My Teenage Diary 30th April – 6th May 1994

You know how when you look back on something from your past and you remember it happening in a certain way and then you read something, like I have in my teenage diary, that makes things so much clearer and explains exactly why you didn’t get the result you were after? Well, having just typed up this week’s thrilling instalment from my teenage diary from 1994 it’s no bloody wonder I didn’t get the boy (sorry the spoiler alert came too late!)

I’m sat here absolutely cringing at how desperate I was to get him to like me, even to the point of betting money with him…. although I’m also pleased to see I never really had any intention of parting with my 50p (I was very money driven back then!) They say that every experience you go through in your past is what makes you the person you are today and I just hope that having seen how pathetic I was back then, that I can try my absolute hardest to steer my own daughter away from making the same mistakes I did when she’s a bit older. Lesson one: boys never phone when they say they will. Lesson 2: walk away while you’ve still got your dignity!

Saturday 30th April

I phoned later last night but he’d gone to stay the night at Raymond’s. He’d left a message with his mum to get my telephone number and then he’d ring me back. So you guessed it, I waited in all day for him to phone, cringing every time it was for A. But the swine that Percy is, he didn’t phone. I was going to write this diary entry sooner but I thought well I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for a bit longer. But come 6.30pm I knew that he had no intention of phoning me back. If he did he would have phoned this morning so that we could go into Swindon. The thing is I still fancy the pants off of him. I’m a bit pissed off though because it’s been a waste of a sunny day.

Sunday 1st May

A had to go to football and at first I considered going else otherwise I’d spend the whole day feeling depressed and thinking about Percy. But then I decided to stay at home because I thought I could ring him and see if he wanted to come over. So I phoned, but again he wasn’t it. That’s boys for you. I phoned Sheila and she had Nadine round so I ended up in the house on my own. I still feel really passionate about Percy but I know nothing will ever come of it because he doesn’t seem interested. He’s only interested in me when we’re not at school or on school trips. Maybe he doesn’t like me being around when his mates are there?

Monday 2nd May

Swoon, swoon and a thousand times swoon. Guess who phoned today? None other than Mr Percy Wilson himself. And not only did he apologise for not ringing sooner, but he also asked whether he and Tommy could cycle over from Malmesbury to see me. Hey who am I to turn an offer down like that? They arrived about 8.45pm so we then called round for Claudia and Wilfred and then we went and hung around the green. It brings back all my past memories. I gave Percy a piggy back when we walked Claudia home and when I got tired we lent on each other. We flirted so badly with each other. My only wish could’ve been that he’d have kissed me goodnight.

Tuesday 3rd May

Went into Swindon so that I could find out exactly where I have to go for work experience and it’s about a mile from the train station, which I suppose isn’t too bad. At least it will give me some exercise. I helped A look for some clothes, which I suppose wasn’t too bad, but it was embarrassing especially when I saw some people I knew from school. I just hope they didn’t think A was my boyfriend or anything. I’m dreading tomorrow because of the fact that I’ve got my French oral and there’s just something I hate about Wednesdays. But I’m also looking forward to seeing Percy again and I’m going to ask whether he wants to go to the cinema at the weekend.

Wednesday 4th May

We didn’t have our orals after all. She decided we could have them next week, which of course we agreed with. I got 85% in my Geography exam, which was the highest in the class and he wrote me a really good profile. I asked Percy about going to the cinema on Saturday and he kind of thought about it and then said we’ll sort the details out nearer the time. I’ll ask him tomorrow because I’ve got PE with him. I’ll be really outright with him and say things like “you don’t have to come with me if you don’t want to, I’d understand” and then maybe he’d feel sorry for me and come with me.

Thursday 5th May

I really don’t know where I stand with Percy, it’s really heartbreaking. Today I bet him 50p that he wouldn’t ring me, all part of my plan, because he agreed to go to Swindon on Saturday. Anyway, he phoned (I’ll pretend I forgot the 50p tomorrow) and we made arrangements but I could tell he didn’t really want to go. It was so obvious. So I told him I wasn’t forcing him to go and eventually we settled it that we wouldn’t go in after all. I’m really going off him. He just doesn’t seem to understand. One minute he’s flirting around me, the next minute he doesn’t even know I’m alive. So where does that leave me? With severe heartache.

Friday 6th May

I went into school and I thought, well I’ll play it really cool towards Percy and won’t speak to him unless he speaks to me first. It was hard, but it worked. He spoke to me, and didn’t even mention the 50p. Then at 9.00pm he phoned me to say that he’d changed his mind about going into Swindon tomorrow. BINGO! He’s going to ask either Tommy or Raymond to come as well (which isn’t so cool) but I asked him to ask Tommy because Raymond gives me the creeps. I get the impression he doesn’t like me very much. We’re catching the bus from Malmesbury, so if when I get dropped off in Malmesbury tomorrow they’re not there, I’ll kill them.


Tune in next week for more 1994 action teenage diary fans!

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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