Today’s The Day I Go To Disneyland Paris… And I’m Bricking It!

Mother and Daughter stood either side of Minnie Mouse character at Disneyland Paris

Eek! It feels as though I booked this trip ages ago, the date has been marked on the calendar in big black marker pen and it’s just been there lurking temptingly towards the end of September. But the day has finally come! Today, myself and a friend head off to Paris on the Eurostar for three days at Disneyland Paris…. to run a half marathon!

I know, crazy fools what on earth are we thinking, why ruin a good holiday with a whopping great run? Hey, at least I haven’t signed up to a full marathon jeez! And so my quest to enjoy an organised event continues, because as you all know I haven’t got good history with run events… nor half marathons for that matter 😉

I’m pretty much packed, tickets are all printed, course map has been studied, fancy dress outfit tried on, nails planned, and my fab friend has sorted out Eurostar booze – come on…. we’re not running until Sunday!

I should be jumping from the rooftops excited, and I am but I am ALL kinds of nervous too. Honestly, the inside of my head is like some kind of newsroom gossip column at times, it just will not shut up. I worry about the travelling, I worry about the crowds, I worry about not sleeping, I worry about not being able to run because I’ve forgotten to bring some important document. I literally worry about every damn thing you could possibly think of and more. So that’s what I’m contending with as I sit here his morning.

I know I may come across as confident and that I’ve go my shit together, and yeah usually I am fairly on top of things, but hey I’m human like the rest of you and I’ve got my wobbles – mentally and physically!

So this is me hopping on here to get those thoughts down and as I type the words out of my head and onto the keyboard it makes me realise how silly I’m being. Blogging is my therapy – you should try it sometime, it’s bloody good. I’m remembering why we booked this holiday; to celebrate us both turning 40 this year, to make amazing fun memories, to give a half marathon another go – if I don’t like a Disney one then blimey this distance really ain’t for me, to whack another 4 days on my #40daysofholiday (yes I know I STILL haven’t written my Summer hols blog yet!) to give me some time out to spend with a good friend who I always have a laugh with and who I know will be supportive but also give me a right old talking to if I even begin to get stressy or naggy or sweary. Oh and the medal…. the Disney medal is gonna be amazing. Let’s face it, the whole damn thing is going to be EPIC and I need to get a grip and start enjoying it. If nothing else, but for the sake of my kids and husband who are taking the whole me going to Disney while they stay at home and do the school and work thing OK all things considered.

Please keep an eye out on social media as I’ll be posting updates and pics of our time away fairly regularly – well in between having vast amounts of fun and peeing myself on rides I’m way too scared to go on…. Teacups anyone?

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