Top 5 Tools To Use During A Full Moon Meditation

Full moon meditation is one of the most powerful practices you can participate in. Since the lunar cycle brings the full moon only once every 29 to 30 days, you have plenty of time to plan your meditation in advance. Many people structure their full moon meditation on their intentions from the last lunar cycle. Other people format their practice based on insight from destiny psychic readings. Use the practices that many find successful and learn which five tools are the best to bring to your full moon meditation.

How To Meditate On A Full Moon 

Before you decide which tools you need to bring, you need to figure out what it is that you’re actually doing. Essentially, a full moon meditation is a focused practice in which you use the heightened awareness that the power of the full moon brings to reflect on your intentions from the last cycle and plan your intentions for the next. You can expect this practice to be both energizing and exhausting. You are using significant energy from the moon and combining it with your own for more meaningful insight and discovery. To meditate on a full moon, simply focus on the following:

  • Full moon energy
  • Purposeful breathing
  • Reflections on past
  • Intentions for future
  • Creating space for energy

5 Best Tools To Use During A Full Moon Meditation

While focusing on just a few actionable items for your full moon meditation seems easy enough, there are also ways to deepen your practice for more specific results. No rule book says you have to bring any items if they do not work for you. However, almost anything is worth trying once, and several people tout the powerful benefits of bringing these tools.


Use the powerful energy of the full moon to create a stronger connection to the past. Use photos to create a stronger relationship with someone in the present or the future. Images provide a specific visual focal point for your meditation.


Bringing money to a full moon meditation can be effective for those who meditate on improving their financial circumstances. Scheduling a money psychic reading can further your focus. Many believe that the power of the lunar rays will work to energize the money to be more bountiful.


Heirlooms can help ground people by reconnecting them to memories. Heirlooms can be used as foci to build a stronger connection to lost energies like those being searched for by missing persons psychic detectives. Heirlooms also work to remind of the child within.


Trek these along to full moon meditations not for practice but for recharging by the lunar rays. If the evening is clouded, your crystals won’t gain quite as much juice but will still benefit from the energy in the air.

Anything That Represents Your Focus To You

You know you best. Choose whatever you think will best support purposeful reflection and the creation of intentions for the next cycle, and use that as a tool to focus your thoughts.

Check the calendar and pack your bag full of tools to prepare for a powerful full moon meditation.

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