The Ultimate Packing List For A Wellness Retreat

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While everyone enjoys an opulent and indulgent vacation, a new trend is sweeping the nation this year. Because clean living is becoming increasingly popular and the awareness of mental health is rising, many people aren’t interested in interrupting their healthy lifestyle with an extravagant vacation, so they opt for a more mindful alternative. Wellness retreats focus on restoring your body and your soul, and getting to know your true self, instead of escaping from it.

So, if you’ve decided to visit one of the best healing wellness retreats this year, here are all the essentials you’ll need to make the most out of your vacation:

Comfortable Clothing

From a practical standpoint, you definitely want to pack in accordance with the geography and the climate of your location. Wellness retreats are less about making a fashion statement and more about discovery and experience, so aim towards the functionality of your clothing over anything else. Opt for cotton or linen trousers, basic T-shirts and tank tops, or even simple sundresses. If you are planning on going to yoga sessions or doing other physical activity, make sure to pack a few pairs of yoga pants and several tops. Choose clothing pieces that relax and calm you, and keep your outfits as simple as possible, so that you can easily change between massages, yoga classes or hikes.

Bathing Suit

If you are going to a wellness retreat that has a pool or is close to the beach, packing your favourite swimsuit is a necessity. When visiting a retreat, the best idea might be to opt for a quality one piece swimwear, especially if you plan on doing any water aerobics or other water activities, as it’ll give you the most freedom to move around comfortably and is the best option for pools and spa centres.

Comfortable Shoes

While you can always do yoga barefoot, it’s best to pack a pair of easy-to-wear, slip-on sandals or flip flops, to make walking from one pampering session to another much simpler. Most wellness retreats are held in beautiful, natural places and most retreats will give you some free time for yourself. So, if you decide to explore the surroundings by going for a walk, or even a run, the best idea might be to pack a comfortable pair of sneakers as well.

Yoga Mat and Towel

While some resorts might offer their own yoga mats, they’re most likely going to be used and worn, so it’s always a good idea to bring a lightweight mat with you, as it will give you a sense of comfort from the very start. Since there’s nothing worse than losing your grip or slipping while doing a yoga pose, it’s always best to bring your own small towel, or even a sarong that can be used as a sweat rag, to stay as dry as possible while exercising.


Protecting your skin from dangerous ultraviolet rays is the most important thing, especially when you are visiting a tropical wellness retreat. Slather on some sweat-resistant sunscreen before you head out the door every day and remember to reapply it several times a day on tricky spots, such as your underarms and the tops of your feet, especially if you do a lot of yoga or other physical exercise, or you take several trips to the pool or the beach.

Healthy Snacks

You never know when hunger will strike, so it’s always good to have a few snacks at hand. If you are traveling, having healthy snack options in your carry-on will also eliminate the lure of overpriced airport junk food. So, opt for filling, nutrient-dense food that will keep your hunger at bay, such as dried fruit, granola bars and nuts.

Positive Energy

Regardless of your destination, the most important thing to bring to any wellness retreat is a positive attitude and an open mind. So, leave your work at home and don’t get caught up in your phone or the worries of everyday life before heading out the door. Set yourself up for success in both your body and your mind – not only will you have the physical energy to take on the day’s challenges, but you’ll also feel more vibrant, open-hearted and ready to experience the adventure to come.

Going to a wellness retreat is not your average vacation, but this incredible packing list will ensure you are fully prepared and equipped with everything you’ll need. So, get the most out of your vacation with these wellness retreat must-haves.

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