Want to know what day it is in America today?

The first Wednesday of November marks America’s National Healthy Eating Day and today it celebrates its 7th year.

American citizens are encouraged to eat healthily on this day in the hope that just by making a few small, simple changes it will be enough to educate and encourage them to make long term alterations to their diet. Information, fact packs, cookery books and advisers are sent out to workplaces, schools and community centres to help people learn about how to make some very easy, cheap and, most importantly, tasty dishes that can slot into busy family lives.

Our tastebuds become accustomed to the flavours they have been exposed to and certain extreme flavours, such as sugar and salt, can be incredibly addictive making the task of removing them from the diet very difficult indeed. If you want to start making healthier changes to your diet you need to start small. Try and stop adding salt to your food; most foods have way too much salt in them anyway so adding extra is completely unnecessary or try cutting down the amount of sugar you have in your cup of tea or coffee.

There are lots of different ways you can make your diet healthier, read our article Healthy Meal Plans 2016 for ideas about some of the diets we can expect to see next year or if you would like to more know more about the amount of each different food type you should be eating each day read Your Easy Guide to Perfect Portion Control.

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