Ways To Make Your BFF Smile Post Lockdown

The past year has been like no other year we have experienced in our lifetimes. The COVID pandemic has separated us from our loved ones physically, but it could never stop us from connecting virtually and in a strange way it has brought us even closer together. As lockdown restrictions start to ease and we can begin to see our loved ones again we’ve put together a few ways you can make your BFF smile as we enter this state of post lockdown.

Give Them A Memento Of Lockdown

There are obviously plenty of negatives that have come about from the pandemic, but there are also plenty of positive that can be taken from it too and these should be celebrated, not forgotten. Take some time to sit and think about the things you and your friend have enjoyed doing together during this period of time. Perhaps you’ve taken part in lots of online quizzes with other friends, maybe you’ve worked out together with your favourite fitness YouTubers, or maybe you’ve had all night gaming sessions together. No matter what you’ve done, one thing’s for sure, you’ve created lots and lots of memories and the best way to remember these is to get you both matching presents to mark this historic life event.

There are lots of best friend jewellery items out there and the best sterling silver earrings are the ones emblazoned with the letters BFF. Or what about a locket with a photo of you both tucked away inside. If you’re feeling really brave, you might like to consider getting matching or complimentary tattoos. Or if that’s a step too far, perhaps a nod to your gaming sessions with a couple of best legend of zelda t shirts would be more appropriate.

You might also like to put a scrapbook together of all of the memories from the past year, so that you can both look at it in the future and reflect upon this shared time. Stick in photos, newspaper clippings, a mask, drawings, little notes and typed out text messages you’ve sent each other, for a really personal and meaningful gift.

Take Them On A Surprise Day Out

You’ve not seen each other in for like forever so what better way to put a smile on your BFF’s face than by organising a surprise day out for you both. Arrange a mutually convenient day and time and plan an activity neither of you have done before.

Here’s some inspiration for you:

  • Pottery Class – Book a session on the pottery wheel and embrace your creative spark. Just remember to wear the best sustainable overalls so you don’t ruin your own clothes!
  • Paddle Boarding – This is the activity of the moment and there are lots of companies dotted around the country that offer either one off lessons or block booked sessions.
  • Horse Riding – Channel your inner cow girls and celebrate going back into society by jumping right back into the saddle.
  • Paint and Wine – Can you think of a better combination than an art class and drinking wine? Neither can we.
  • Cooking Class – Friends that cook together stay together and the best bit? You get to eat it afterwards.

Be There For Them

Not everyone feels comfortable about life returning to normal, or should we say the ‘new normal’, because it isn’t like it was before. There are still some restrictions in place and coronavirus is still out there and this may make some people feel anxious and worried about venturing out into the world again.

Have a heart to heart with your friend and find out what you both feel comfortable with and what you still have reservations about. Your friendship is based on trust and understanding and so it’s important to respect this and to listen to what each other has to say. Everyone’s personal situation is different and we must make our own risk assessments during these changing times.

The most important thing is that you stay connected and that you continue to talk openly to one another and remember what it is about one another that makes you smile.

Times have been tricky and your friendship may at times have been tested to the limits, but you have made it through a pandemic together and that has made your connection stronger than ever. Now as you move on, you can make up for lost time and do all the things that make you both smile.

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