We Review The Selfie Bag From Cotton Bag Co

We’ve all become a little bit obsessed with taking selfies haven’t we? And don’t for one minute think it’s just teens and trendy wannabe influencer types who are doing it, we’re all at it. Which is exactly why products such as selfie sticks, rings lights and other photographic accessories have become so popular. In the quest for the perfect selfie we’re happy to get all the kit.

The Selfie Bag from Cotton Bag Co is handy as it contains everything you need to get started on your quest for those supreme selfie snaps and they have kindly sent us one to review so that we can let you know what to expect.

What’s In The Selfie Bag?

Just before I show you what’s included in the bag, let’s take some time to sing the merits of the bag itself. Because, as a mum, I loves me a jute bag. We’ve all got a lot better at using reusable eco friendly bags instead of plastic carriers and let’s face it a jute bag is way stronger and much nicer looking than a flimsy supermarket carrier bag.

Cotton Bag Co are known for their high quality environmentally friendly jute bags and the Selfie Bag is no different. This is what I love about it:

  • It’s stylish – just check out that ‘eye popping’ design.
  • It has super strong handles – they’re also lovely and soft so your shoulders don’t hurt when you carry it.
  • It has a top zip – nothing’s falling out on my watch.
  • It has a long inner pouch – perfect for selfie stick storage.
  • It has a carabiner clip inside – great for clipping your keys to or to attach the circular mini bag that comes with it.

So that’s the bag, but what’s inside?

  • Bluetooth tripod selfie stick – A selfie stick is the perfect accessory not just for selfies (a photo taken from above definitely ensures you’ll get a pic of you from your best angle) but also for group shots (you want to make sure everyone’s in the picture) and for ensuring your whole outfit is in shot (fashion influencers rejoice). It’s really easy to set up, simply attach your phone by squeezing open the clamp, turn on your Bluetooth and you’re away. There’s a teeny tiny detachable remote control on the selfie stick which you can leave attached while holding the stick, or you can remove and use the selfie stick as a tripod and take photos from further away.
  • Pop up reflector – This handy sized reflector is stashed away in the mini bag (see pic above) and conveniently pops out when you unzip the bag. It’s useful for ensuring better lighting on a dull day and unlike some pop up reflectors I’ve come across it’s easy to refold and get back into the bag when you’re finished with it.
  • LED ring light – Every good photographer knows that light is key to a good photo, so when the light is really bad and the pop up reflector is quite frankly out of its depth, this compact LED ring light is ideal. Simply clip it to the top of your phone and then choose from the three light setting strengths by pressing the button and then you’re ready to strike a pose. It also comes with a USB lead so that you can recharge it when it starts to get low. To give you an idea of what a ring light can do check out the photo below. The one on the left is me without the ring light and the one on the right is a photo taken using the ring light. Subtle differences admittedly, but it does help to warm up and soften skin tone, give you a sparkle in your eye and is just generally a lot kinder – which as a woman of *cough* 42 I am all for!

I absolutely love the versatility of this bag in that you can take it all out as one kit, or use each item independently. Priced at Β£27.95 inc. VAT and P&P it is perhaps a little on the pricey side, but I would argue that you’re paying for quality here and the bag alone is worth it’s weight in gold.

The Selfie Bag makes the perfect gift for teens, because let’s be honest it gets harder and harder to know what to buy for them, or for bloggers and social media wannabes who need to up their selfie game.

*product gifted for review

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