Wellness Christmas Gift Ideas To Spark Joy

Coming up with ideas for Christmas presents gets harder every year doesn’t it? You want to make sure your gift is heartfelt and that it shows a certain level of thought has gone into it and yet equally you want it to be something the recipient actually wants and is going to use.

We think that there is no greater gift than one that sparks joy and makes someone feel special. Something that gives them that warm fuzzy glow and is also something they probably wouldn’t go out and buy themselves, because it would perhaps feel too self-indulgent. So to help you get started on your Christmas shopping, or to at least add some inspiration to your shopping list, we’ve come up with a few gorgeous wellness Christmas gift ideas to spark joy and to spread that festive cheer.

The Gift For The Woman That’s Hard To Buy For

Who doesn’t love a candle? And when they’re as beautifully presented as these, who on earth can resist. This Lochraine Candles gift set is the ultimate in luxury. It’s classy, stylish and muted colour scheme means it will suit all tastes and will easily compliment any interior, thus making it a guaranteed hit with any of your female friends or family members.

The candles are made from all natural products; 100% soy wax and the highest quality essential oils and botanicals, making them both vegan and eco-friendly.  The beauty of soy way is that unlike paraffin based candles, it doesn’t release toxins into the air and in turn doesn’t create that black soot effect that you may have see stained against some of your other candle holders. This means that these candles will stay looking beautiful right until the candle burns out for the very last time.

There are three scented candles included in the gift set: Lavender (smells fresh and airy), Peach Nectar (my favourite, smells light and sweet), and French Vanilla (smells like a Christmas bakery) and each one comes in it’s own frosted glass jar complete with a wooden lid to keep the dust out when they’re not in use as well as fine brushed cotton pouches to store them in if you decide to take them away with you for a spa break or a long weekend somewhere. These are then presented in a wooden box, which makes it way easier to wrap!

This Lochrain Candles gift set can be bought from Amazon for £29.99, that’s about ten pounds per candle, which we think is pretty good going considering the luxe look and naturally sourced materials and ingredients used in them.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

We are big fans of affirmation cards and think that they make incredibly thoughtful gifts. Sometimes we all need a bit of guidance, or reassurance, or just to feel as though there’s someone or something looking out for us, and affirmation cards do just that. This gorgeous set from Sea Soul Blessings uses the sea as its source of inspiration and we can’t think of a better analogy when it comes to relating our emotions and feelings to something within nature. The sea can be peaceful and still and yet also tempestuous and wild. It can be deep and dark and also shallow and light. It ebbs and it flows, it crashes and breaks against the shore. We can learn to ride those waves as we navigate through life and these cards are a great tool to help you on your way.

The gift set includes 49 Sea Soul Blessings cards and a small book that explains your reading in greater detail. Each of the cards is printed with the words ‘may you’ and then followed with a guiding phrase, for example ‘be courageous’ or  ‘find depth’. It is then up to you to search for the word in the book (don’t worry it’s in alphabetical order so it won’t take you too long) and discover what it means.

So how does this actually work? Well, how you use them is entirely up to you. Personally, we like to hold the pack a bit like a deck of cards and pull one out at random, but there are so many different ways you can select a card. You could try spreading them out and holding your hand above them until you get the sense that you are drawn to one in particular. You could close your eyes and pick one. Or you could for example direct a question before selecting one. The main idea is that the card you do pull out affirms a feeling you may have, a worry, a question, or it may even help set the tone for your day. It is an excellent wellness tool that enables you to positively charge up your energy and to show yourself a little kindness and self-compassion at a time when you may be struggling to find those things.

We think this would make an excellent present for teenagers, mums or basically anyone who could do with a little guidance or perky pick me up each day. This is the gift that will carry on giving time and time again. Not just a gift for Christmas, but one that is for life.

The cards and book box set is available for £21 from the Sea Soul Blessings website and for every sale they will donate 10% to environmental causes to help protect the sea for our future generations.

The Gift To Show You Care

Christmas is a happy and joyful time of year. But that’s not the case for everyone. Some people spend it in hospital. Others may have recently lost a loved one or had some bad news to deal with. There may be family arguments that mean spending time together is difficult. Or perhaps you live too far away to be able to get together easily.

What they need is a Box of Hugs!

The process is simple. Just head on over to the Box of Hugs website and on there you can either choose from pre-made up themed boxes, so basically all the hard work and decision making has been done for you, or you can choose absolutely everything yourself, pick and mix stylee. From what box you want, the card to go with it and every single gift you want to include inside (and believe you me the list of gifts is amazing – so much choice!) you can make it a truly personal and unique gift for that special someone.

To give you an idea of the kind of things you might get in a box, take a look at the Me Time Hug In A Box (£40.50):

Contents include: 2 spacemasks.com face masks; 1 mini book ‘100 Hugs (a little book of comfort)’ by Sandy Gingras filled with 100 cute things that make you feel good for example ‘walking barefoot on the grass’ and ‘getting smiled at and smiling back’; a Sass and Belle ‘Always Be Awesome’ mug; cute mini packet of Teapigs herbal tea bags; Cartwright & Butler Chocolate Oat Crumbles biscuits (yum!); and Seascape Island Apothecary Soothe Sleep Oil, which contains lavender oil to aid sleep. That’s a pretty nice selection right?

There is such a massive selection of gifts for men, women and kids that you will definitely find something to suit every taste going. Perhaps you could order one as a special family Christmas Eve treat? Or how about a pamper box for your best friend so that you can have a girly night together and share the joy. We absolutely love this present idea and even more so because Box of Hugs donate £2 of the sale to The Brain Tumour Charity. It’s hugs for everyone, and who doesn’t love getting a hug!

The Wellness Gift For Him

I don’t know if you’ve noticed (if you haven’t then where the hell have you been), but CBD products are popping up EVERYWHERE! Cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant, has been scientifically researched, and in some cases proven, to have numerous health and wellness benefits. It can help with: anxiety, depression, acne, and pain relief to name just a few. But what’s most important to point out is that it won’t get you high, it won’t give you the munchies and it is legal!

This Grasshopper Pale Ale from Gorgeous Brewery is enriched with 5mg of CBD. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Ewww does that mean you can taste it? Cannabis isn’t exactly the nicest flavour in the world”. But don’t worry, despite being novice beer drinkers, we found it to be a very easy and drinkable beer, without any weird after taste and certainly no hints of cannabis.

So why put it in there then? OK well aside from the fact it’s über trendy to put CBD in things these days, it does kind of take the edge off of the alcohol ever so slightly. Look, I’m not saying it’ll prevent you from getting a hangover if you drink a skinful of it, but it does somehow give a mellow softness when you drink it, which you don’t really get from other beers. The unique combination of hemp extract and hops makes for a thick, sort of citrusy flavour and it’s not bitter in the slightest.

A six-pack of this would make for a really unique gift for that person on your list who loves trying new ales, or how about mixing it up with some of the other beers on offer.

For more information about the Grasshopper CBD Pale Ale as well as the other beers produced by Gorgeous Brewery go to the Gorgeous Brewery website.

The Stocking Filler

Imagine if you could give someone a gift that had the potential to make them smile every morning and night. It would be great wouldn’t it? Well, we’ve discovered these fab Gratitude toothbrushes from the sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle brand, Mantra Kind and we think they could do just that.

OK so a toothbrush… not really much of a gift is it? But this isn’t any old toothbrush, oh no. This is the Gratitude Toothbrush, which is a bamboo toothbrush that is embossed with the mantra ‘I am grateful’. So not only are you doing your bit for the planet (the handle is made from sustainable Moso bamboo and is 100% biodegradable), but you’re also injecting a lovely boost of positivity and self-reflection to whoever you gift this to.

Having an attitude of gratitude has been scientifically proven to improve our mental wellbeing and the idea is that while you brush your teeth you take two minutes to reflect on the things you are grateful for. This is a very simple mindfulness technique that can really help with feelings of self-love and just that overall sense of gratitude for the things you have in your life and the natural beauty of the world around you.

We think this would make an ideal stocking filler and at only £4 a pop, hey you could spread that attitude of gratitude around all of your friends and family. For more details head on over to the Mantra Kind website.

The Self Care Gift With More Than One Use

We absolutely love a product that does more than one thing. It’s all about getting value for money, right? So imagine how excited we got when we saw this body candle from Beeutiful. Not only is it a rather nice candle made from natural soy beeswax, coconut oil, Jojoba oil and essential oils, but it also comes in a gorgeous ceramic pot which can be reused afterwards. And not only that, but wait for it here comes the clever bit, when the candle melts, the oil can be poured from the spout of the pot and used as a body massage oil. GENIUS!

The candle is available in three different scents: Warm Orange & Ginger, Neroli & Vanilla, and Rose Spice, and is priced at £18. Which may seem a lot but seeing as that gives you 8 hours burn time as well as the massage oil element and the pot, that’s a bargain in our eyes.

We also love this Beeutiful Man Black Pepper & Sandalwood Face Balm, which we think when combined with the body candle would make a gorgeous his and hers gift set. The face balm is an amazingly vibrant and rich yellow colour and it smells divine – kind of musky and exotic and 100% man. It will set you back £22.50 for a 60ml pot, which sounds a lot I know, but a little really does goes a long way and because it’s so easy to get out of the pot there’s definitely no chance of wastage.

The packaging is gorgeous and either product would make a lovely gift on it’s own or put together with some of the other Beeutiful products to create your own personalised self care kit. Take a look at the Beeutiful website to see what other products they offer.

The On Trend Gift

And to finish up, we have yet another candle and yet another CBD product, because it’s just so on trend and we’re fully embracing those hygge vibes!

This gorgeous Ambrosia candle from Yield, is part of their Black Dahlia collection of sustainable CBD candles which help promote wellness and self care. Infused with notes of Rose Water, Amber, and Myrrh, the candle is presented in a borosilicate glass, double-wall vessel which can be used as a drinking glass once the candle has been used. Which will be quite a while, as the candle has a burn time of a whopping 45 hours!

The candle contains 150MG of CBD (Cannabidiol) as well as being topped with a blend of 50MG in CBG in the form of coloured wax chips. As the wax chips melt they start to dye the candle. Cool in itself right? But on top of that, the colour of the wax chips denotes a different charity that the company donate to. So for example, Ambrosia has rusty red coloured chips and so every sale of the candle results in the company donating 10% of the profits to Red Cross.

We absolutely love the scent of this candle and we’ve already found the perfect spot for it in our bedroom, where it’s helping to create a sense of calm at bedtime. Everyone loves a candle, but not everyone necessarily feels they can justify spending their own money on such an indulgent luxury. Do them a favour and buy one as gift for them instead!

For more information and to buy the candles online go to https://sowdenhouse.com/shop/.

What Will You Buy?

Don’t know about you lot, but we’re feeling better about Christmas already, and that’s definitely helping out with our wellbeing. Hopefully this has given you a little inspiration to at least think about starting your Christmas shopping. If not why not check out our Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide for a few more ideas.

*Products gifted for review

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