What Is A Massage Gun And How Can It Help You?

massage guin being used on a female's back

From athletes through to those who work on the computer for hours one end are all prone to muscle soreness. For many, massage and exercise are the answers they lean towards, while for others a simple and easy to use device, such as a massage gun, is the solution for these pesky body aches.

Massage guns are handheld devices which use vibration and pulsation to achieve several results when applied to body tissue. There are lots of different brands of massage guns available for sale ranging from the Infina Percussion, Hyperice Hyperbolt, Rapid Release and the athlete recovery gun.

Much more than fancy brand names and flashy containers, the question most people ask is what exactly do these massage guns do? And how can they help?

Read on to find out for yourself:

It Feels Good On The Body

Without doubt, you will agree that having a massage feels extremely good to the body and mind.

Either after a long day at work or even on a work-free day when you are in the mood for some good old pampering, using a handheld vibration hand percussion massager will relax the body like nothing else.

Fixes Sore Muscles

If you are wondering what this piece of gizmo does, then wonder no more. Athletes all over the world have adopted it as the most trustworthy device to alleviate soreness in their muscles. Due to the nature of their work, athletes are more prone to sore muscles from physical exertion and collisions.

For those who have tried a full body massage, there is the belief that it is not as effective as using a massage gun. The vibrations from the gun, when worked effectively into the sore region, stimulate lymph and blood circulation.

With the sufficient flow of blood around the body and into the inflamed areas, oxygen and nutrients are transported to the affected parts, thereby alleviating muscle soreness effectively.

Helps Rejuvenate Atrophied Body Parts

Body parts can become atrophied as a result of accidents, diseases, surgery, or the effects of old age.

Massage guns are one of the best devices that can be used by an individual or caregiver to help rejuvenate and expedite the healing process.

Injury Prevention

As an athlete or someone involved in any demanding form of labour, the chances of you needing a massage gun is extremely high.

These guns are as effective as any exercise program since one of the effects of the gun is to lengthen and strengthen the muscles much more than the body’s natural limit.

There is an advantage in this: The muscle becomes stronger, more flexible, and less stressed.

Helps With Vibrational Healing

The vibrations and pulsations from a massage gun have their own healing effects. When the gun is used, it breaks up muscle spasm and gives the user a general feeling of health and wellness.

You don’t have to put up with sore muscles in your body parts anymore. Massage guns are highly capable of alleviating the effects of injury and ultimately expediting the healing process.

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