Why Proper Hydration Is Important 

Staying properly hydrated has been one of the most essentials things for all living, breathing beings. However, many people still don’t drink enough water or realise just how vital proper hydration is.

Whether you buy a few bottles of water or get one of the best alkaline water filter systems in Australia, here are a few reasons you should drink more water daily.

Water Maintains Your Balance Of Fluids

The body is a well-oiled machine, but to maintain its correct balance, you need the proper intake of fluids. Water keeps your body’s fluids in check and balances out any acids or toxins in your system.

Water helps with blood circulation, ensuring that your organs, particularly your heart and brain, stay healthy.

Calorie Control

While you can’t live off of water, many people often mistake being hungry for being dehydrated. We tend to snack or have an extra meal or two throughout the day when we should be drinking water instead.

Water is much better and healthier than a soft drink or an alcoholic beverage. While the others may taste better, water is the best choice for quenching your thirst and cutting down on calories.

Weight Loss

Speaking of cutting down on calories, water can help with weight loss. While it isn’t the only thing you should do, it is common knowledge that one of the first steps you should take when losing weight is to drink more water.

Soda and other sugary beverages have a lot more calories in them than you may think, and while there is no need to cut them out completely, making water your primary source of hydration makes a big difference incredibly quickly.

Skin Health

One of the best and cheapest ways to keep your skin looking youthful and to give it a healthy glow is to drink water. It keeps your skin hydrated and therefore rids your skin of toxins and gives it the elasticity it needs to fight wrinkles as well.

Water certainly isn’t the fountain of youth, but being dehydrated will lead to drier skin and therefore lead to increased lines, wrinkles, breakouts and sometimes more extreme things such as eczema.

Digestive Heath

While fibre is necessary for a healthy digestive system, water helps to keep your body and its functions running smoothly. Even if you don’t suffer from digestive issues or poor guy heath, water can improve those systems even more.

A lack of water can also lead to an increased chance of extended constipation, as the colon requires liquid to flush out toxins. If there isn’t enough liquid in your body, it will draw those liquids from your stool and therefore cause constipation.

Improved Brain Function

Studies have shown that even a slight amount of dehydration can lead to the brain not performing at its best. Decreased hydration has been shown to hinder memory, concentration, recall, and overall brain performance.

In extreme cases, this is the reason people in survival situations tend to forget how to do simple tasks, forget where they are, and make poor decisions.

Temperature Control

Water, especially cold water, is one of the best things to drink to maintain your body’s temperature. Water keeps your blood cool, and when it moves around your body, it keeps your skin, and organs cool as well.

When it is very hot, being properly hydrated allows your body to sweat. While this may be off-putting to some, it is a necessary bodily function that helps your body remain cool and stops you from developing heat stroke.

Kidney Function

One of the most important functions of the kidneys is to remove waste and toxins from your bloodstream. This keeps your blood healthy and therefore improves the function of every other part of your body.

An increase in water intake has also been shown to limit, if not completely eliminate, the chances of kidney stones.


Drinking more water can lead to an increase in physical performance and give you more energy. Many studies have shown that a lack of hydration can lead to decreased motivation and fatigue and can make exercises that are usually easy for you feel much more challenging.

A lack of water leads to a slowing down of your circulation. This means that blood isn’t moving as smoothly and as quickly to your muscles, which, once again, leads to fatigue and a loss of strength.

Helps With Sleep

If you spend your day filling yourself up with drinks that are filled with sugar or caffeine, your body is constantly in a state of being “hyper”. While you may not be bouncing off the walls, your energy levels are spiked and therefore relaxing and sleeping can be harder.

To balance this out, only have sugary and caffeinated drinks if or when you need them, such as in the morning or early afternoon. After lunchtime and before bed, opt for water instead, as it has a neutral effect and won’t spike your sugar or energy levels right when you want to relax.

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