10 Healthy Gifts For The Nature Lover In Your Life 

Does someone on your shopping list live for the great outdoors? Whether they’re masters of sustainability or roughing it  (or both) you can delight them with a special surprise under the tree this year with our selection of healthy gifts.

Here are ten ideas to help get you started!

1. A Flavour Infuser Water Bottle 

Hiking can quickly dehydrate you on hot days. Help that special someone keep their tongue moist with a flavour infuser water bottle that’s kind to the planet.

They can add in slices of watermelon or grapefruit. Flavoured water tastes wonderful without added colours or sugar. Plus, the reusable bottle will reduce the number of single-use plastic versions necessary.

2. A Locking Travel Backpack 

If your loved one’s favourite back frame is wearing thin, why not replace it with a version that does double duty? You can find an elegant travel backpack that doubles as locking luggage for weekend getaways.

If your recipient takes equipment like cameras or tablets into the wild, they’ll appreciate the padded pockets to protect their electronics. The locks keep their property secure when they stop to eat lunch or wet their whistle at the trail’s end.

3. Beef Jerky Full Of Protein

When your special someone spends time in nature, they need nourishment to power their muscles. Give the gift of delectable beef jerky to tempt their taste buds.

Active outdoor adventurers need plenty of protein to rebuild their muscles. This snack delivers a complete source of amino acids for relatively few calories.

4. A Mixed Nut And Fruit Tin For Trail Mix

Maybe the outdoor enthusiast on your list recently adopted a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Perhaps you want to give them a gift that looks equally at home on their dining room table as in their backpack.

If so, opt for a mixed fruit and nut tray that they can make into trail mix if they desire.

5. A Stoneware Chai Teapot

What tastes terrific after spending time on the trail? A hot spot of tea brewed up in a stoneware chai teapot, that’s what. The stylish design of this gift complements nearly any kitchen decor.

You can add some fair-trade certified tea bags to enhance the presentation.

6. An Upgraded Walking Stick

Sometimes, a walking stick adds extra balance when the trail is slick. Why not give the gift of a stylish version with a whimsical handle or rugged style?

These make great gifts for people with medical conditions that sometimes present balance challenges, too. Fewer people want to use a cane, but a walking stick? That has charm and sophistication.

7. A Magnesium Fire Starting Kit

Matches work well if the forest is warm and dry. If your gift recipient is a trained outdoors person, they might even know how to start a fire with primitive materials.

However, it’s easier — and potentially life-saving — to carry the right materials to get a blaze going in any type of weather. Magnesium burns at up to 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to get sparks flying on the dampest days.

8. All-In-One Compass, Barometer, Watch

Every avid hiker or camper needs a quality compass. Why stick to a model they can drop when they can wear survival gear on their wrist?

Give the gift of an all-in-one compass and barometer wrapped up in watch form. The barometer lets them know when rain or snow is on the way, so they can plan accordingly.

9. 10-In-1 Cellphone Camera Lens Kit

Does the special someone on your gift list take photographic records of their trek? Turn their basic cell phone photos into art with a 10-in-one cellphone camera kit that will help them master tricky shots.

This kit lets them take wide-angle panorama shots to capture magnificent vistas and a fisheye for whimsical selfies.

10. Music To Help Unwind At Days’ End

After a day outdoors, there’s nothing like a hot bath or a good nights’ sleep (or both) to unwind. Make either experience more pleasurable with a meditation CD featuring nature sounds they can enjoy while they ease into sleep.

This mix will remind them of the tranquility of nature, even when they’re snugly indoors.

Get Your Favorite Nature Lover A Healthy Gift This Holiday Season

Regardless of the size of your budget, you can delight the nature lover on your list with a healthy gift. Take a tip from these ideas, and you’re sure to make them jump for joy this holiday.

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