The Best Health Insurance Plan Will Offer These 6 Top Benefits

One of the most undeniable changes in the world is the constantly rising rate of inflation, which makes it difficult for the common man to meet increasing healthcare costs and medical bills. The current pandemic has made life immeasurably difficult, and the need for medical cover has been felt by every household. In such times, it is the best health insurance plan that you buy ahead of time that can safeguard you from emergencies and financially secure you in tough times.

Health insurance is more of a necessity during these challenging times than just a fall-back option. Choosing the right insurance provider to help you with a health insurance plan that fits your needs is the best-case scenario. It can become your saviour during emergencies and guarantee that you only focus on getting the treatment for yourself or your loved ones and not feel the burden of rising medical expenses and hospital bills.

If you are still looking for reasons as to why you should have health insurance, then check out some of these benefits that the best health insurance plan in India can offer:

1. Hospital Coverage Network

Most insurance companies have tie-ups with several hospitals that offer cashless treatment for their policyholders. Ideally, the insurance company reimburses you for all the expenses you incur once you turn in your hospital bills. While the best health insurance plans will cover most of the hospitals in the prime locations, you may want to check that list and see if the hospital and/or doctor of your choice are a part of their hospital network list or not.

2. Comprehensive Coverage

Right from your pre and post hospitalisation charges or in-patient hospitalisation expenses and from your transportation, i.e., ambulance charges to other daycare treatment expenses, the best health insurance policy will cover all these expenses for you. If you have bought a family health insurance plan, then rest assured, your family gets the same comprehensive coverage as well. You and your family can focus on getting the best possible medical treatment and leave the expenses to your health insurance plan.

3. Add-on Riders

When picking the best health insurance plan for yourself and your family members, the add-on riders different insurance providers offer could be the deciding point. With the help of these additional riders, you can customise the health insurance to suit your needs and those of your family.

4. Lifetime Renewability Option

The best health insurance plan will offer policyholders the option to increase their coverage, i.e., a lifetime renewability option for their health insurance plan. Often, a health insurance policy ends up coming in handy during the later years of one’s life and having the option to renew your existing policy for a lifetime proves to be a massive benefit. You get the best health insurance plan with affordable premiums and high coverage right up to the later years of your life.

5. No Claim Bonus

As the name suggests, the best health insurance plan providers offer their policyholders a no claim bonus to reward them for not making any claims during their policy year. You can get a no claim bonus for an individual health insurance policy or even a family health insurance plan, and that helps reduce your premiums every passing year!

6. Tax Benefits

Apart from these benefits, you can also save tax with the help of your health insurance policy. You can use an income tax calculator available online for free and do your calculation for every financial year accordingly. Under the old tax regime, as per section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961, you are eligible for a tax deduction on the premiums paid towards your health insurance. Moreover, you can also claim tax deductions for premiums paid towards a dependent parent’s health insurance policy under this act.

Finding a health insurance plan that is best for you sure seems like a difficult task, but if you do enough due diligence and compare insurance quotes, then you can pick the one that is customised to suit your needs. Take this step towards covering yourself and your family during tough times and buy a health insurance policy today.

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