3 Tips For Cultivating Powerful Creative Energy In Your Life

Humans are born to be creative. As children, we are usually bursting with creative energy, and most children have a need to express this creative side. As we get older, however, many end up suppressing that part of us, and eventually lose our ability to use it. But this creativity energy is always something we can tap into and revive. You just have to know how to do it.

Here are a few ways you can cultivate powerful creative energy in your life.

Meditate Every Day

A lot of people make the mistake of trying to get themselves into a creative frenzy. But, have you noticed how you often get the best ideas when you were not thinking or when you’re the most relaxed? Many people claim to have their best ideas when in the shower. And for many, this is the only time of the day that they get into a meditative state without even knowing it.

However, many people have misconceptions about meditation, and think that you absolutely have to chant “Om” in the middle of the forest in a cross legged position to do so. But in reality, you could be meditating on the tube, at work, or anywhere you are.

Also, meditation is not about quieting your mind, but listening to it. You should let your thoughts flow through without judgement or attachment. Just the practice of sitting and listening to your thoughts in this way for 5 minutes a day will rewire you and help you get in a naturally flowing creative state.

Consider Working With A Healer

Sometimes, lack of creativity can be caused by energy blockages. This might be fear, depression, anxiety, or lack of self confidence among others. Identifying these blockages can be difficult on your own, and while our healthcare system is used to dealing with mental issues from a clinical standpoint, they are often ill equipped to understand what is really the cause behind it.

We are made of energy bodies. That is a fact. Our spine is like a large electric cable which transfers light to every single organ. And this light is directly connected to our emotions. This is why we get physical reactions when we get scared, stressed, or anxious, for instance.

An energy healer will be able to connect with you and assess what these blockages are. And don’t worry, energy healing is not attached to religion. All bodies obey the same laws, no matter what religion you belong to.

In some cases, healers will be able to help you heal yourself, and sometimes will be able to do remote work by connecting with you and observing feelings inside their body. And if you’re skeptical, know that reputable healers will have no issue refunding your money if you’re unsatisfied, so make sure that you get as much information on them and the people they helped and see if they have that kind of policy.

Take Care Of Your Body Machine

For the light and energy to flow through your body, you have to maintain it like a well-oiled machine. That means giving it the rest it needs, and making sure that you fill it with the proper foods. Some people will advise getting off meat completely, but reducing your intake could be more than enough. You should also make it a habit to exercise every day to get the juices flowing. Not only is exercise great for the body, but you’ll have a perfectly clean mind after you are done. Exercise also infuses blood cells with oxygen and energy, making creative work much easier.

Creating energy is a blessing, and when you open yourself to it, it will come flowing into your life. Make sure that you follow these few instructions, and always find ways to make your body a perfect conduit for this energy.

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