7 Foreplay Tips To Please Her In Bed Every Single Time

Hurray for foreplay! It’s incredibly important when it comes to female sexual satisfaction because women require more stimulation than men to orgasm. As a result, penetrative sex alone is often insufficient to get the “job” done.

Luckily, foreplay can be practiced in so many ways. Touching, kissing, sensual massages, rubbing against each other’s bodies, using sex toys – the options are limitless.

If you’re seeking new ideas to make foreplay breathtaking for your partner, here are a couple of options worth exploring.

Find New Body Spots To Kiss

The term foreplay refers to any kind of sexual activity that occurs before actual penetrative sex. It can mean different things to different people but for the vast majority of couples, foreplay involves kissing.

As far as kissing goes, a couple of body spots get all the attention – the mouth, earlobes, neck, breasts and clitoris top the list. If you want to surprise your partner and discover new sweet spots, start kissing your way up or down. Include parts of the body you wouldn’t normally focus on – the clavicle area, the tummy (especially around the belly button), the curve of the back, the butt and even the little knee hollow.

The female body is endowed with so many sensitive spots you probably haven’t discovered yet. By kissing her all over and paying attention to her reactions, you could discover some brand new erogenous zones.

Sensory Play

This is a more indirect type of foreplay that can build up a lot of anticipation. Foreplay doesn’t have to be heavy and intense to lead up to powerful orgasms. Sometimes, very gentle and teasing stimulation can contribute to much more profound results.

Sensory play refers to engaging the senses through the use of different textures and temperatures. Running a feather up and down their body is sensory play. The same applies to using an ice cube or a temperature-sensitive sex toy.

For even better effect, get your partner blindfolded. Depriving a lady of one sense will most definitely contribute to heightened sensations.

Get Creative With Sex Toys

Sex toys are your best friend when it comes to diversifying your foreplay routine. You have so many options to choose from – classic vibrators and wands, anal toys, and dildos to name but a few. There are even pornstar dildos molded from penises of male porn stars if that’s your thing.

If you’re looking for a brand new foreplay sex toy, you should probably get your partner involved. By shopping for toys together, you can create an intimate bonding experience. Also, you’ll learn some new stuff about her preferences that wouldn’t have come to the surface otherwise.

The Power Of Erotica

Watching a sexy movie together or reading some erotica will get things heated in a brand new way. Just like men, women are visual creatures. They get turned on by sexy scenes and by reading erotic literature. The imagery it presents will contribute to tons of arousal.

It takes some courage to talk to a partner about watching an erotic film together. Once you broach the subject, however, you’ll probably discover that she likes the idea. It will simply be a matter of finding the right stimulating material to watch or read.

When you get down to business, don’t be afraid to experiment with the stuff you’re watching on screen. Some of the techniques and ideas will probably be new to you. If you’re curious about how these feel, you should definitely go ahead and give them a try.

Ask Her To Masturbate In Front Of You (And Join In The Fun)

This is a particularly good foreplay tip if you’re having sex with a new partner or she takes longer to climax. Asking her to masturbate in front of you will give you a very, very good idea about what she likes.

Every person prefers to be touched in a very particular way. Sometimes, it will be difficult for a woman to describe to a partner what she likes or where he misses the mark. This is why showing him what works is going to be much more effective.

Looking at her pleasuring herself will give you the added bonus of skyrocketing your arousal. And when you feel ready, you can join in the fun and use the new knowledge that you’ve just acquired.

Talk Dirty

Talking dirty is an intricate art that very few people have mastered. Just like sensory play, it builds up anticipation. For example, touching her body gently while whispering in her ear what you intend to do later on is going to get her turned on very fast.

Talking dirty is somewhat tricky as you’ll have to discover what your partner likes and dislikes. Some women aren’t ok with vulgar talk and some want graphic details. If you intend to try talking dirty as a part of foreplay, ask your partner about what they like. While some discomfort is common at first, chances are that both of you will relax soon after and start enjoying that new foreplay element.

Try A Sex Game

Looking for even more foreplay ideas? You can buy and play a sex game with your partner. Some of these games are dice-based, others involve cards with instructions. The aim is to dare each other and go through with what the game asks of you. Usually, there will be naughty tasks and different kinds of sex or sex positions to test out.

While most sex games will focus on foreplay ideas you’re already familiar with, chances are that a few of the could present new opportunities. Trying such a game out at least once will help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Finally, keep an open mind, don’t be afraid of new stuff in the bedroom and pay attention to your partner’s responses. The best lovers out there are open to feedback and they use it to get better. Even if your partner is somewhat shy and not very communicative during sex, you can still find ways to obtain key information. It may take her some time to open up about what she likes. Take it slow, be gentle but keep on bringing up the subject. As trust grows and improves, so will your communication about sex.

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