3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Home Yoga Practice 

Practicing yoga at home is a great way to practice on your time, and on your terms. It is convenient, you have a lot more flexibility (pun intended) – from the duration, to the type of yoga you practice, what you wear, whether you play music etc.  plus the commute is short 😉

While there are many benefits of a home yoga practice, let’s be real – there are also some unique challenges that come with it!

You may encounter some hurdles as you prepare for practicing yoga at home. Maybe you have loud roommates, or you’re a parent with human and/or fur babies vying for your attention, or perhaps your home doesn’t have a lot of free space. But with a few tips and hacks, along with a minimal amount of preparation, you can enjoy a fulfilling home yoga practice in no time!

Read on for 3 key tips to get the most out of your yoga practice at home.

Follow These 3 Tips To Have A Fulfilling Home Yoga Practice, Every Time

1. Set Your Space

Your home is your yoga studio now! But not your entire home . . . It is helpful to allocate a set space in your home for your time on the mat. This will help eliminate outside distractions. Consider your setting. Where in your home is there a quiet area that you also enjoy being in?

If you don’t have that space already, you can create it! Light a candle or place your essential oil diffuser near your mat. Dim the lights, play your favorite music to move to, grab a few crystals or a journal to keep nearby – whatever calls to you.

Setting your space is like setting an intention in your yoga practice. When you intentionally create a space that you enjoy and look forward to, you are more likely to practice on a regular basis, and have a fulfilling practice every time.

Want more guidance on creating your home yoga space?

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2. Leave Your Distractions At The Door

Just as you wouldn’t take your phone into the yoga room at your local studio, don’t take it to your home yoga space either! OK, if you want to play music from your phone that’s fine, but create a playlist ahead of time, place your phone on do not disturb, and allow yourself to be fully present in your body and on your mat.

If there are other people at home while you practice, try to be in a different room or area where you can’t hear the TV, or conversations etc. You can also let them know that between this and that time, you’ll be unavailable, and request that they please keep background noise to a minimum.

3. Plan Ahead 

This home yoga tip is twofold. First, plan your yoga schedule each week and add it to your planner or calendar just as you would a meeting or an oil change. It will help you stay on track and hold yourself accountable.

For example, if you can allot three days per week to practice (3-4 days a week is the average you want for a consistent practice), decide which days and times fit your schedule best. Perhaps you’re a morning person, so you opt for practicing 6-7am on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings. Find what works for you!

The second part of planning ahead is finding a teacher and/or online yoga platform that you connect and resonate with. There are many online yoga offerings, and all the options can be overwhelming to navigate. Look for a platform that has highly qualified teachers, and a variety of yoga formats, lengths, and teachers to choose from.

YA Classes by YouAligned offers some of the highest quality content available with hundreds of different online yoga classes and a variety of relatable and welcoming teachers to choose from. Plus we plant a food-producing tree for every class you complete, and our members have planted nearly 200,000 trees to date!

Having all of these details decided ahead of time will set you up for success each time! You’ll look forward to your practice as opposed to dreading the planning or regretting skipping a day because you weren’t prepared.

Enjoy Every Moment On Your Mat With These Home Practice Tips!

With these tips, you’ll be able to get the most out of your home yoga practice each time you step on the mat.

Most importantly, have fun! This is your time, on your terms. Put on your favorite comfy clothes, play your favorite music, create a space for yourself that makes you feel good, and enjoy all the benefits that yoga – plus a home yoga practice – have to offer.

Namaste, friends!

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Ashton August is an author, editor, yoga instructor, and founder of YouAligned a yoga and wellness site that inspires readers to live their healthiest, best lives. She is also the founder of YA Classes – an online yoga, fitness, and wellness platform that plants a food-producing tree for farming communities in West Africa for every class a member completes. Find them on Instagram – @you.aligned

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