3 Ways To Strengthen Your Shoulder Joints

The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the body, if not the most complex. It’s a great joint that helps us with all the things we take for granted such as brushing teeth, bringing a cup to a our mouth, typing, driving and going to the bathroom. So when our shoulders are hurt or stiff, the simplest things can feel like they are almost impossible. If you have been feeling pain in your shoulder joints or would like to know how you can strengthen them, then stay tuned. You are about to understand three different ways to achieve this.

Piked Push Up

You don’t need any equipment to bolster your shoulder strength. You can just do piked push-ups every morning and or evening. This is when you simply place your feet together on the ground and then fold as close to your body as you can. Place your hands on the floor, flat. Walk two steps forward with your hands and you should be in a piked position. You should now do a push-up motion, whereby you fold your arms and almost touch your head on the ground. Push back up again and you should have completed one rep. This position puts pressure on your shoulder joints and by just using your body weight, you can strengthen your shoulder joint.

Chest Stretch

Placing your arms in a resistance band, push them as far back behind your back as you can while stretching the band. This will open your chest and hence, relieve some tension on your shoulders. The bicep and the pec attach close to the armpit and the shoulder ball joint. When you stretch these big muscles, there is less force pulling the shoulder which can cause the joints to misalign. You can do chest expansions by yourself or you can have someone pull the resistance band back and you stretch it wide. Hold for about 20-30 seconds and repeat about 3-4 times.

Torn Shoulders

You don’t have to have your shoulder in a sling to know you need surgery. Sometimes, simple movements such as lifting something over your head, can become impossible while all else is fine. It’s moments like this when you realize, you have torn something deep within the shoulder. Speak with someone like orthocentralcoast.com.au who can do both shoulder replacements and shoulder repair surgeries. They will run you through the process, using 3D models to show you where the tear is in your shoulder and how it is limiting your movement. Tears can be small or they can be large, but both need a lot of time to heal, especially if the tear is not just tissue but ligament also.

Piked push-ups and other bodyweight exercises are superb treatments for stiff and painful shoulders joints You can also do stretches such as the chest expansion, to relieve some tension from your shoulders. If the worst comes to worst, then you should seek a professional’s view.

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