What Are Some Of The Healthier Sides Of Drinking Beer?

Is there a healthy side of drinking beer? Yes, there is! When consumed in moderation you can reap some of the benefits from the nutrients in the popular drink.

Beer Is Full Of Nutrients

Beer is much more nutritious than other alcoholic beverages as it contains antioxidants, iron, protein and many more vitamins that are great for the body. The experts at Beer Snobs explain that the darker the beer is that you’re drinking, the more antioxidants it usually has. So, keep that in mind the next time you grab a beer!

The pharmaceutical journal suggests that ‘Beer is well known to contain a large number of nutritive components, including vitamins (particularly B vitamins) and minerals (particularly selenium and silicon). It also has a high potassium/sodium ratio (usually in the ratio of 4:1), and contains from 0.4 to 6.2 per cent of dietary fibre’.

Health Benefits: Heart Disease, Kidney Stones And Diabetes

There are studies that suggest that a light intake of beer (in moderation) can help lower the risk of heart disease whilst also improving the body’s ability to remove cholesterol. It may even have the same amounts of benefits as wine does, which usually gets all the credit when it comes to health gains of alcoholic drinks.

The alcohol in beer may also have benefits for those suffering from coronary artery disease, according to some research.

Beer helps reduce the chance of kidney stones occurring by 41% as most beers contain kidney health-promoting phytochemicals.

If you enjoy drinking beer in moderate amounts, it can even help reduce the chance of developing diabetes.

Could Lead To Stronger Bones In Men!

Men may even be able to reap some benefits when having a pint or two. Research found that an increase of bone density in men can be linked back to moderate beer consumption. Specifically, the mineral silicon that is contained in beer can be an important ingredient that helps bone formation. Thankfully, there are a number of places you can now get a variety of different beer from a pale ale to blonde beers, so men won’t have to worry about missing out!

It goes without saying that drinki beer as a way to improve your health is only a good idea if you discuss it with your doctor. If you do suffer from heart disease, problems with your kidney or diabetes, make sure to consult your GP first. If your doctor approves having a beer on occasion, they may be able to recommend a certain kind.

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