5 Reasons To Try IV Hydration Therapy

Intravenous (IV) hydration therapy is a known treatment for dehydration resulting from all manner of different reasons. It is used instead of oral water and vitamin intake after an individual experiences extreme dehydration. It’s important you choose your clinic wisely when opting for this treatment, clinics such as Reset IV can provide outstanding services in hydration and you should also be familiar with the various pros and cons before trying it.

So, what reasons make IV hydration at home worth a try?

Fast Recovery

After an intense workout, tough race or indeed any extreme activity, the body is often left dehydrated and rehydrating it again can sometimes be difficult if you haven’t prepared or taken precautions. Your stomach isn’t able to easily absorb anything it receives because the blood flowing to it automatically changes to the body’s muscles instead. IV hydration therapy sidesteps the stomach and therefore all nutrients are absorbed easily. This is a quick fix for worn out muscles and as a result, recovery is much quicker.

Gentle On Your Gut

Oral intake of vitamins and other supplements in huge amounts may result in unpleasant experiences like diarrhoea. When the body is dehydrated and it is low on nutrients, suddenly bombarding it with huge quantities in one go will often do more harm than good. IV infusion of these supplements drip feeds the body with nutrients in such a way that the digestive system is not affected, as rather than being ingested they are directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Modified According To Your Body Requirements

Hydration needs differ from person to person and therefore IV hydration therapy can be modified according to your own hydration requirements. It could be for the purpose of occasional health maintenance or perhaps as treatment for a particular problem – it could be anything from skin care, hangovers, an immunity boost, athlete recovery etc. For example, to help boost your immune system it is recommended you up your intake of vitamin C and Vitamin B12 among other vitamins, while athletes need lots of different vitamins and minerals for things like general body hydration, controlling inflammation, recovering muscles, etc. For active people, treatment in terms of performance and general recovery time is different from that geared towards less active individuals.

Increased Absorption

IV hydration therapy makes it possible for vitamin supplements to be absorbed that perhaps cannot be tolerated orally. With oral administration, many supplements end up not being absorbed into the bloodstream as they become lost in the digestive system. In contrast to this, IV infused supplements are directly absorbed into the bloodstream and so, the dose is delivered effectively into the body – the quantity required is not compromised and there are no half measures.

Relieves You Of Joint Pains

Anyone from any age bracket can to suffer from joint pains and dehydration can take place in all parts of the body, including the joints. When the body is dehydrated, it may cause pain in your joints, because they aren’t as well lubricated and so with every movement, friction takes a toll on them, thus resulting in pain. Well-hydrated joints allow for free blood flow and good functionality of the body. Therefore, IV hydration plays a role in correcting the problem of joint pain in the short term.

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