5 Spring Fashion and Beauty Trends

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Spring is always an exciting time for fashion and makeup trends, because it’s as though all of the designers and makeup artists are inspired by nature waking up around them and they are coming up with some fresh new ideas. This spring is no different and there are some great trends coming in to inspire your next date outfit, office look or a whole wardrobe change.

All Natural

For years we’ve been moving towards a trend of wearing less and less makeup and letting our inner beauty shine. This season is no exception and leaving your face bare is perhaps one of the healthiest trends we have these days. The barely there look, not only allows your skin to breathe when it doesn’t have too much makeup on it, but it also encourages you to take a lot better care of your skin, as it’s more on display. But facials, creams and serums aren’t all there is to the bare-faced look. You also need to embrace your natural eyebrows, any imperfections or breakouts, and own them. This look is all about being confident and there’s only one way to achieve that and that’s to feel it.

Utility Wear

This spring is as practical as it is glam, and many designers are bringing in a utilitarian, military look into our wardrobes. You won’t have a problem with pocketless pants anymore, as you’re about to be equipped with the most stylish cargo pants you’ve ever seen. This is a great look for a lot of women, and if you are working in a professional environment, there are some great tops, jumpsuits and jackets that look both professional and utilitarian at the same time. Getting them in the colour white is a great option, because it softens up the look and makes it look less aggressive.

Earthy Tones

In both makeup and fashion, we’re seeing earthy tones come up a lot. Every shade of sand to the entire ombre of the sunset will be represented on the shelves this spring. For an outfit, you can pair some skinny jeans with a piece of oversized knitwear in earthy colours. Finish it off with a pair of brown shoes or a belt and you are good to go. For makeup, try adding subtle touches of earthy colours to keep the natural look, by adding tinted lip balm in shades of clay and some red blush. You can also add these to your accessories, from bags to earrings, and really make them stand out by making the basic pieces of your outfit white.

Pop Of Colour Makeup

If there was ever a trend to complement the bare face it’s this one: adding a very visible yet small colour detail to your look. Picture neon coloured cat eyes, metallic lips and hot pink mascara. This will draw attention to a specific area of your face, and it’s actually an amazing technique to use if you’re not feeling particularly confident about the state of your skin. If you have acne on your forehead – put on a bold lip and nobody will notice anything else.


If all of these trends were looking a bit too casual, here’s one that will definitely excite all of the business women among you. You can expect a plethora of new styles and shapes of tuxedos in stores this spring. While some of them are just plays on old tuxedo styles, many are completely reinventing the tux, making it everything from coats to casual wear. You will be able to get them in all possible lengths, which will allow you to style a pair of plain pants and a blouse with a cropped tuxedo for a modern twist on the traditional suit.

Remember that trends are there to inspire you and get you to try something new that you might not have thought of before, but they aren’t something that you should sacrifice your personal style for. If your style already matches some of the trends, you’re in luck, because stores are going to be full of them, but otherwise you’ll have a chance to try on new things that you might not be able to otherwise. Keep your eye on the store windows, see how your favourite influencers are going to style them and try to incorporate them into some of your looks as well.

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