6 Beauty Tricks For Faking A Full Night’s Sleep (Even If You’re Exhausted)

We all know how important sleep is to our health and our appearance, but it’s not always easy to get those recommended 8 hours of shut-eye. Whether you’ve been out late with friends, cramming for a test, taking care of a young child, or simply tossing and turning, there are some skincare and makeup tricks that will help you look more rested and feel more like yourself.

Read our six tips for faking a full night’s sleep, however exhausted you may actually feel!

Chill Out (Your Skin)

Tired skin is dehydrated skin, so your morning regime after a long night should be aimed at restoring moisture and reducing puffiness. Cold compresses will help swelling go down in the short-term, so if you have time, lay still with an ice pack (or even a classic cucumber slice!) on your eyes for ten to fifteen minutes to help hydrate the skin around your eyes and reduce swelling. Other common household items like chilled tea bags or spoons that have been stashed in the freezer for a few minutes will help bring inflammation down and will likely feel refreshing and energizing for those tired eyes!

Get Maximum Moisture

Once you’ve washed your face, apply a facial moisturizer that will help smooth any areas of dryness, which tend to look dull. Be sure to apply an eye cream that will deliver powerfully concentrated moisture to the immediate under-eye area. Seek out formulas with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and green tea, which will reduce puffiness, and vitamin B3, which hydrates by restoring super important fatty acids to the under eye area.

Cover Up Dark Circles

If you suffer from dark circles when you skimp on sleep, a little makeup will go a long way. First, use your fingertip to lightly dab concealer under the eye area and blend it gently (you want to be careful with that delicate, sleepy skin!) Then use a brush or sponge to apply an all-over foundation that will help add evenness to your skin tone and correct any lingering discoloration, including redness.

Highlight In The Right Places

Your highlighter will be the top tool in your makeup bag for sluggish mornings. Add a dab of pearlescent champagne highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes — it’s a wide-awake hack that is loved by celebs, models, and other it-girls in the know. Finish with a subtle sweep of neutral, shimmery shadow on your lids to add that last bit of lift.

Liner Hacks And Big Brows

For your upper lids, go for a thicker, bolder line that will be eye-catching for all the right reasons – a denser, darker cat eye will make your eyes appear wider and draw attention upwards. Swap out your usual lower lid liner with a white or taupe liner on the inner rim, which will make the whites of your eyes look larger and brighter. Also, don’t forget your eyebrows – defined, well-groomed brows will help frame your face and create an overall polished look. Use a shaping tool to create symmetrical brows that complement your facial structure, and on mornings where you’re running late, quickly fill in any sparse areas with a brow pencil and you’ll be ready to go.

Emphasize Your Assets

When in doubt, add a bright lipstick and a swish of pink blush that will help counterbalance any remaining hint of dark circles—the cheery colour will make you look a little more alert and feel polished, even if you want to nap through that 3pm meeting. How you dress can also help mitigate sleepy eyes. If you love accessories, pearl earrings or a pearl necklace will offer a subtly reflective sheen that picks up the whites of your eyes to create the illusion of brightness.

What are some of your beauty tips and tricks to look more awake and refreshed? Share them with us in the comments below!

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