The Latest Professional Treatments For Stretch Marks

close up of the stretchmarls on a woman's stomach

Stretch marks are an issue that plagues hundreds of thousands of people each year. Appearing in both men and women, these harmless but unsightly marks can have a number of different causes from puberty to pregnancy, weight gain, and bodybuilding.

While many people simply choose to life with stretch marks or try to treat them using home remedies, if they are affecting your confidence you can seek a variety of different professional treatments to improve the colour and texture of stretch marks.

With so many different professional treatments to choose from, we’ve listed some of the latest and most effective procedures when it comes to treating stretch marks.

Derma White Treatment

The revolutionary Derma White Treatment is an all-natural alternative to the harsh treatments typically offered like glycolic peels and chemical peels. Often recommended by skin experts for its ability to lighten post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and other pigmentation issues, the treatment works on stretch marks by rejuvenating the skin. The Derma White Treatment gently resurfaces the top layer of damaged skin and stimulates new skin cell production.

Offered exclusively at The Laser Treatment Clinic on Harley Street, the Derma White Treatment is a herbal peeling treatment made up from marine and plant and mineral herbal actives, vitamins, and enzymes which work together to rejuvenate the skin effected by stretch marks and increase blood circulation to promote collagen production.

Advanced Dermabrasion

A gentle but effective treatment, advanced dermabrasion works on the upper layers of the skin to diminish the look of stretch marks. By sloughing away the top layer of dead skin, advanced dermabrasion stimulates the cell regeneration process which can improve the look of stretch marks by stimulating the growth of fresh cells in the affected area.

Advanced dermabrasion also works to address the textural issues associated with stretch marks. It does so by stimulating the body’s natural collagen and elastin production which not only makes stretch marks look smoother but also improves skin flexibility.

Collagen Induction Therapy

As the name implies, collagen induction therapy is used to treat stretch marks by triggering the body’s production of collagen and elastin. Restoring collagen and elastin has an important role in minimising the look of stretch marks because, like scar tissue, they are caused by the loss of these supporting structures from the skin.

Also known as micro-needling, collagen induction therapy involves the use of microneedles to create controlled injuries within the skin. This stimulates the body’s wound healing response, collagen production and tissue rebuild, rejuvenating the affected area and restoring some of the elasticity that the skin originally lost.

Non-Ablative Laser and IPL Treatments

Non-ablative laser and IPL treatments can be used to minimise the look of stretch marks by improving both their colour and texture. Like physical professional treatments, laser and IPL treatments improve stretch marks by targeting the skin issue below the skin’s surface and rejuvenating the skin.

Non-ablative lasers and IPL target the deeper layers of the skin, target red stretch marks stimulating collagen production for a smoother clearer appearance.

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