5 Tell-Tale Signs Of Infertility In Men

It’s important to outline from the start that if you are unsure, concerned or just looking for some extra guidance on anything mentioned here, that you should seek advice from a medical expert. Plainly, get yourself down to the doctors who may recommend the best IVF clinic in London and get it checked then treated, don’t delay – it happens all too often with macho-men trying to pretend they are invincible. It is also worthwhile pointing out that this macho attitude extends in its entirety to common myths around infertility. It is important to know that infertility is just as likely in males as it is females. So before you go blaming you partner for not being able to get pregnant (which you absolutely should not be doing in the first place), you need to check these 5 tell-tale signs of infertility in men to identify if it is yours truly who is suffering from infertility.

1. Change In Testicles

One of the biggest signs in men of problems with fertility can be seen from the protectors of the seed themselves. Any changes whatsoever in your testicles could be a sure fire sign of some fertility changes in your body. Any small or tight testicles alongside swollen or painful testes could indicate a real problem for your crown jewels. You should be checking those bad boys regularly and if you notice any difference it could directly link to infertility. Regardless of fertility concerns or not, you should seek medical assistance to identify why you’ve had a change in that department.

2. Hormones

Any changes in your hormones could see a change in infertility. This is particularly noticeable when you are suffering from a low sexual drive. Changes in virility could be a direct reflection of how much testosterone is running through you and can be a clear indicator of infertility in men.

3. Obesity

Man or woman, being obese can cause some serious health conditions. Not only does it reflect an unhealthy lifestyle, but it actively promotes malfunction within the human body. It leads to a lower sperm count, less testosterone and ultimately infertility. Studies show that obese men, when compared with healthy men, suffered 11% more chance of having less sperm in their ejaculation and 39% more chance of having no sperm in their ejaculation. Pretty stark numbers. Putting on the beef, puts up your chance of infertility.

4. Ejaculation And Erection Issues

It seems obvious and is perhaps one of the most obvious indicators of infertility in men, but ejacultion and erection issues can act as a large factor in infertility. The inability to hold an erection and/or ejaculate can be directly associated with off-kilter hormone levels or something underlying. Any inability in this department means it’s time to take the hit and visit your GP.

5. A History Or Sexual Health Issues Of Problems Down There

A history of trauma to the nether regions, historic cases of sexually transmitted diseases or the general area being affected by cancers or diabetes can prove problematic when it comes to male fertility. For everything to function properly down there you need to keep healthy, clean and make sure you are checking it regularly. With a history of issues relating to your virility you will undoubtedly be chancing your arm at affecting fertility. There’s only so close to the water you can fly before something goes wrong.

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