Tips On Boosting Male Fertility

If you thought the term ‘biological clock’ was only related to women, you were wrong. And for men, age plays a crucial role when it comes to fertility. In women, the changes associated with the production of eggs are drastic. Male fertility decreases gradually, so it’s often neglected as the problem in pairs that can’t become parents, even after years of trying.

Men are often unaware of their infertility problem. But as soon as they notice that their female partner is having trouble with getting pregnant, they should undergo a fertility examination and test their sperm. Now men can try things like YoSpermTest fertility testing to ease this process, as this testing can be done by anyone at home.

The fertility period in men lasts longer than in women. Men produce sperm their entire life; only its quality changes. A delicate balance of hormones and proteins is essential for healthy sperm. If any disorder occurs, conditions that reduce the quality or number of sperm cells occur and thus impedes fertilisation. Fortunately, there are proven methods for every man to improve fertility naturally.

Enough Rest

An unhealthy life in any form can lead to hormonal and other metabolic disorders, affect the quality of sperm, and, consequently the possibility of a healthy pregnancy. Healthy habits doesn’t provide a guarantee to becoming a parent, but implementing some good daily routines can significantly increase your chances.

Regardless of the fast and busy pace of life, slow down and try to rest as much as possible. That applies for both day and night. Sleep deprivation can increase cortisol levels in the bloodstream. That will further reduce the levels of testosterone, the hormone responsible for sperm production.

If you have sleep issues, try to avoid any light in your room at night. The light of a monitor, TV, or smartphone can interfere with your chances of falling asleep. Lack of sleep disrupts the production of the hormone melatonin, which is produced during sleep. It helps our body to restore and regenerate all vital cells and tissues, including sperm cells.

Eating Habits

The food we eat every day is the culprit for many health conditions, but also the cure for them. Healthy eating habits are not only about what we eat but also when and in what amount. Men who keep their weight under control have better sperm quality and are generally in better shape.

Consider an increased intake of healthy ingredients and specific nutrients to improve your sperm features. Food rich in antioxidants and vitamins of all groups can significantly enhance the quality and general motility of semen.

You can check out the list of recommended nutrients required for sperm of the highest quality be going here –

Fruits and vegetables of all colours should form the basis of your daily menu. And because men have higher nutritional needs than women, they need energy from more than just these two food groups. Meat, fibre, and complex carbs in moderation form the basis for the production of healthy sperm cells.

Although it is sometimes impossible to resist, try to minimise processed and fast food. Due to its ingredients, these foods can affect hormone imbalance throughout the body. Free sugars decrease testosterone levels to a minimum. Replace industrial juices with squeezed fruit, and you’ve already taken an enormous step forward.

Balanced Physical Activity

There is a direct correlation between being overweight and low testosterone levels in men – as the number of pounds goes up, testosterone levels decrease. The best way to deal with extra pounds is to get active and start an exercise program.

But don’t go too hard with physical activity. Just as lack of physical activity can harm our health, too much exercise can also have negative consequences. Proper dosing and a gradual increase in effort will produce good results.

Using artificial supplementation and beverages to help you build muscle mass is not advisable if you are planning on having babies. On the other hand, L-carnitine-based fat burners have a particularly beneficial effect on improving fertility in men. This element is an amino acid found in our body that provides normal sperm cells function.

Avoid Heating of Sensitive Area

Although everyone enjoys a hot bath or a sauna from time to time, men should not practice this too often. The heat diminishes the functionality of the reproductive organs. The testicles, which are the ‘factory’ of sperm cells, can overheat and thus produce sperm cells of poor quality.

The same goes for holding a laptop computer on your lap or a mobile phone in your pocket. Although not a direct source of heat, they emit harmful rays that affect the structure of spermatozoa, altering their morphology and semen quality in general.

Try to change as many bad habits as possible, not just for boosting fertility, but for general health. Healthy people are less likely to transmit genetic problems to their kids. Also, there is a higher chance they will instill healthy habits in their youngsters.

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