5 Things You May Not Know How To Stop After College

You’ve graduated, got your certificate, got the results you wanted, your college days are over. But during your time at college as well as learning a lot, you also picked up some fairly bad habits along the way. Here are 5 things you may have got used to doing at college that you will need to think about giving up now that you have left.


Partying is the highlight of college life for many students. There are all sorts of parties that college students go to so that they can socialise with others and take part in lots of different activities that take place in and around campus. Partying might have been all fun and games while in college, but in real life, it is a habit that you need to reduce or stop altogether. This is based on the fact that adult life comes with a lot more responsibilities, such as work reports or even raising a kid. Too much partying can hinder this. If you know a friend who would love some help to quit their partying, then you can join forces with them and try to positively influence each other to stop partying as much and focus on improving your lives.


This is a habit that most people pick up at parties in college. For some, their drinking reduces to a large extent once they graduate, but for others the habit persists on into their career life, which can turn out to be a problem. If you are having trouble quitting drinking, there are a couple of steps which you can take that will help you with this. For instance, start by limiting your drinking to social events and maybe weekends only. On the same token, turn down invites to parties where you know there will be a lot of binge drinking going on throughout the night. With time, by taking it small steps at a time, you will be able to quit drinking completely.


It’s often easy in college to put off your assignments until a couple of hours to the deadline. Powered with a lot of caffeine from coffee and energy drinks, it was still possible to get the work done on time. In your career life though, things might not be that easy. Doing your reports hastily and sketchily might get you in a lot of trouble with your boss. It will also ruin your career progress and reputation at your workplace. Make it a habit to get started on your work weeks before your deadlines to ensure that you do a good job. Procrastinating is a habit that can cause problems in your personal life as well, since you may have issues with simple things like doing laundry. Try as much as possible to rid yourself of the habit for a better, wholesome life.

Eating Junk

I’m sure you’ve lost count of the amount of times in college you have had pizza or soda for dinner or breakfast. Eating like this is a sure way to gain a lot of weight and to be generally out of shape. Continuing with this unhealthy diet after college puts you at risk of not only being out of shape, but also vulnerable to diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Strive to eat a healthy diet, loaded with fruit and vegetables and engage in a healthy exercise regime.

Sleeping Too Much

Often in college, a person may sleep too much due to an increased amount of free time they may have on their hands. On the other hand, many college students also tend to sleep less due to spending all their time watching Netflix shows or partying. After college, maintaining a sleep routine will help you to get the right hours of sleep and not to overdo it.

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