5 Things You May Not Know About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are strange creatures that most people will have heard about at some point in their life. If you’re ever unlucky enough to have had a bed bug infestation, then you’ve probably spent a fair few sleepless nights trying to figure out how to get rid of the problem fast! However, if you’ve never encountered bed bugs before, then it’s likely you’ll know very little about these pests and what they mean to your bedroom experience.

To help remove some of the confusion around these bedroom critters, we’re going to take a look at 5 strange facts that you might not know about these mites.

Bed Bugs Are Tough

Bed bugs are stronger than you’d think. Though incredibly small, these little creatures can go months between meals and survive temperatures of anywhere from freezing to around 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The resilience of bed bugs often means that it’s not enough to treat them with standard DIY methods. If you get an infestation, you need a professional bug removal strategy. Even washing your sheets and bedding might not be enough to eliminate them in most cases.

They Have Anesthetic In Their Saliva

Have you ever wondered why people don’t start itching until they wake up and see bites on their skin? The reason could be that bed bugs have a component in their saliva that acts as an anesthetic. The same substance also helps to promote increased blood flow at the site of the bite, allowing the process of feeding to be a more quick and painless experience (to start with).

They Are Organised

Though bed bugs might seem to be minions of chaos when you’re trying to get them out of your bedroom, the truth is that they’re very methodical creatures. Just like us, they have a specific feeding pattern that they stick to every day. Additionally, bed bugs know when they need to hide to avoid being captured or killed. They’ll find tiny nooks and crannies to run to when they’re afraid of potential danger.

Bed Bugs Are Everywhere!

While most people associate bed bugs with dirty old hotel rooms and run-down motels, the truth is that these creatures can survive almost anywhere. You can just as easily get a bed bug infestation in a single-family home or apartment as you could in a hotel. You can even find bed bugs in movie theatres, on trains, in office buildings, and virtually anywhere else that you can find humans. Bed bugs don’t even need a bed to survive – just a place where they can feed and stay warm.

They Have Wings

Finally, did you know that bed bugs have wings? Despite this, the creatures can’t fly. They don’t have any hind wings, and the vestigial front wings that they do have aren’t large or strong enough to lift them. Basically, in the insect world, bed bugs are very similar to penguins. They’re just nowhere near as cute as their counterparts. The good news is the fact that even with wings, they won’t be able to fly, and it’s easier to capture them. On the other hand, if you’ve ever had to deal with bed bugs before, you’ll know how difficult it can be to clear them out!

Dealing With Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are more complicated little creatures than you might think. While you don’t necessarily need to know all about these bugs in your day-to-day life, understanding how they work can make it a little easier to get rid of them if you ever get an infestation.

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