5 Tips to Enrich Your Meditation Practice

I have 5 tips to share with you, which are sure to enrich your current meditation practice. If you are thinking about adding meditation to your daily life these tips will help you succeed in doing so.

Meditation is one of the most worthwhile activities we can do to benefit our overall health and well-being on all levels. All we need to do is begin a daily practice and stick to it! I have a few simple tips that will help you incorporate meditation and experience a lot of benefits in your life and make it a lifelong habit. It will become something you look forward to everyday, as you more and more experience that inner peace and happiness you look for, but rarely find.

These are 5 things that have helped make meditation a more rich and meaningful experience for me. I am hoping they are things you find helpful as well!

Ok…you ready? Here they are…

#1. Allow your meditation to be seen as a daily “vacation”.

How often do you fantasize about escaping to a pristine stretch of coastline, a crystal-clear lake, or beautiful high mountain region? In this high paced society, it’s easy to feel the need to “unplug”, and nature is a great way to do that. For most of us there is little opportunity to make this happen due to schedules heavily laden with a variety of responsibilities, and not nearly enough opportunities for “vacation time”. Once you find some time, the cost of a vacation can also be a deterrent, thus you give up on the concept all together.

What’s more, when we do finally take that much-anticipated vacation, all too often the built-in hassles that we encounter leave us feeling not as refreshed as we hoped in the end. There is good news though! You can take a vacation every day of your life within only a few minutes, and one that is sure to leave you feeling renewed and tranquil. What’s even better is, it’s free!!! Free of hassles and free of charge!

All you have to do is commit to setting time aside each day to find solitude and “go on vacation” by practicing meditation. Locking the door to your room or office is helpful, if you’re inside. I recommend even going so far as to put a “Do Not Disturb” or “Gone on Vacation” …”be back in 15 minutes” sign on your door.

Now take a few deep breaths as you bring your focus to your meditation. More and more rest your mind and heart in the sacred sound vibrations as you practice mantra meditation. The anxieties of the mind eventually disappear as you bathe your consciousness in the mantras.

You’ll be amazed what 10-15 minutes of meditation can do! You’re sure to emerge refreshed and much more peaceful than just a few minutes earlier. It is the best vacation ever!!!

#2. Turn Off Your Cell Phone

I hope you enjoy “vacation/meditation” time each day! There is one other tip I have to share that goes hand and hand with the first one. It is very important that you stay away from your cell phone. It is impossible to get the most out of your meditation practice if you’re wondering who just texted you or you can’t control yourself from peeking at Instagram. We must admit our cell phones are becoming quite a big distraction in our lives in general. They have no place in our meditation practice.

In order to successfully experience meditation as a daily vacation, the first step is to silence your phone and put it away. No “if, and or buts” about it. I know this is harder for some of us than others! It gets easier the more you get in the habit of doing it. You will survive for 15 minutes…and be better off for it! Don’t be surprised if you begin to look forward to the fact that meditation is also a “technology free” time in your life.

The moral of the story is…turn off your cell phone and fully experience and enjoy your daily “meditation/vacation”. You will be so glad you did!!!

#3. Share the gift of meditation with family and friends.

When one receives a great gift, naturally there is a desire to share it. In the same sense, when we care about others we want to see them happy. Meditation is proven to reduce stress and allows us to feel a sense of inner peace and happiness. Through the practice of meditation, we can personally experience this.

As meditation becomes part of our daily life and we directly feel the benefit it brings, it is now something we can share with people close to us, based on our own experience. You might be surprised who in your life is also interested in learning more about meditation and is eager to add it to their lives as well. This is a win, win situation! With others you care for, and you both then will encourage and support one another along the journey! It is our duty to share this gift of meditation with others.

#4. Engage in activities that support your meditation practice.

Any activity we do will have some kind of effect on the mind and body. For this reason, we should be thoughtful about what activities we choose to engage in regularly. Some activities will cause some level of agitation, while others calm the nervous system.

For example, hatha yoga and pranayama are activities that have a profound effect on the practitioner and are proven to calm the mind and nervous system, as well as a long list of other benefits. For this reason, a regular hatha yoga practice, preferably incorporating pranayama, is highly recommended as a regular activity, as it will support your meditation practice. Tai Chi, Chi Kung, walks in nature, gardening, etc. are other activities that bring us into a calmer state that is more conducive for meditation. We are more likely to feel drawn to do meditation following one of these kinds of activities. We are also more likely to want to perform these calming activities after doing some meditation. This is what is called a positive “snow ball effect”.

If we are mindful of our activities and choose wisely, we are likely to experience a much-desired transformation in our lifestyle. Our desire to meditate more often will increase and our attraction to activities that truly make us feel good inside will increase. That sounds like another win, win to me! What do you think?

#5. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you it’s time to take a meditation/vacation.

You know how I said earlier your cell phone has no place in your meditation? Well, I take that back! It can help by reminding you it’s time to take a break and practice some meditation. Choose a time of day you feel is convenient to stop for this purpose. For example, it could be during a lunch break, at sunrise or sunset. Once you figure it out, set your alarm to remind you that now’s an opportunity to stop what you’re doing and devote time and reason for your meditation practice. You may have other ways to remind yourself as well.

It’s good to keep in mind that when we think we don’t have time, that’s most often when we most need to stop and meditate.

Once the alarm goes off the cell phone has served its purpose and now it’s best to silence it. Remember this is very important! It’s time to go on “vacation’! Happy meditating!

I truly hope you find these tips helpful. So, remember meditation can be seen as an awesome daily vacation, but we need to ditch the cell phone for a moment. Share meditation with your family and friends for everyone’s benefit, while also engaging in activities that support a healthy lifestyle. Use a cell phone alarm to help remind you to practice meditation daily. This all-in combination is a formula for success!

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Author Bio

Ramona Rodrigues, a mother of three teenagers, has been practicing yoga and meditation for 20 years. She appreciates the countless benefits that both bring to her life. Hatha yoga was incorporated into her daily life soon after committing to the practice of meditation, and is valued as a supportive tool in the journey of self-discovery through meditation.

She teaches both yoga and meditation throughout the Sacramento Valley in a variety of capacities, yoga studios, meditation centers, drug/alcohol recovery programs, corporate offices, senior living facilities, etc. Ramona is pleased to have the opportunity to pass on the gift of yoga and meditation to others as she received it.

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  1. says: Julianna

    “#2. Turn Off Your Cell Phone: This helps a lot.
    Cellphone is always a distraction for me while trying to focus on something. The benefit of turning off the phone during meditation has helped me to increase my habit of staying away form the phone throughout the day.”

  2. says: Satyajit

    Thank you for sharing the different kinds of meditation practices with their benefits along with the tips. It’s a complete knowledge to start meditation practice.

  3. says: Radhika

    Practicing Meditation following these steps helps to relax down from the stress of the busy life and to contemplate on life. Thank you Ramona!!

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