5 Tips to Help Maximize Your Veggie Intake

Everyone can benefit from eating a healthy diet, but what constitutes a healthy diet and the components that make up a healthy diet can vary among different individuals. Some people, for instance, choose to increase their intake of veggies, as reduced veggie intake has been associated with the increased risk of contracting chronic diseases and general poor health. For that reason alone, experts advise that you include a high proportion and a range of different vegetables in your diet.

Here are some key tips to help you maximize your veggie intake in order to boost your health and your immune system in the process:

Introduce Vegan Products Into Your Diet

Sometimes, people don’t want to have a variety of veggies all in the one meal. However, lack of variety means that your nutrient intake from the vegetables on your plate is not as complete as if you had combined a few together. Using vegan protein products, such as plant-based vegan protein powder, will help to increase not only your veggie intake, but also the nutrients and minerals needed to nourish your health. There could be a whole variety of different reasons as to why some individuals may find it challenging when trying to incorporate more veggies into their daily meals, which is why vegan protein products can be just as useful to non-vegans as they are to vegans. Quick, easy and tasty products packed full of various minerals and other nutrients make it so much easier to make your diet healthy.

    Make Veggies Interesting To Consume

Following a routine can be monotonous for even the most organised of people no matter how strong their willpower and this is especially the case when it comes to food. It’s all about dining creatively and differently. Try spicing up your veggie routine, so as to avoid making it predictable and boring. You could combine your veggies with some sweet fruits or herbs and spices to make salads and sandwiches more interesting. The main idea is to make it exciting and enjoyable. And it is this approach that will make it easy for you to love your veggies and therefore increase your intake.

    Snacks For The Road

Similarly to how you would walk into a supermarket and get a packet of cookies or crisps to snack on between your meals, why not carry a veggie snack from home instead? It could be cucumber slices, almonds, blueberries, veggie smoothies, celery, or carrot sticks to help add up your veggie intake and keep you away from the vending machine at work in the process.

    Make Meal Preparation Easy

One great tip is to wash, cut, and store your veggies in airtight containers as soon as you bring them back home from the shops. There are always times when we’re too tired or lazy to feel motivated enough to spend time preparing vegetables for cooking. Storing ready-to-cook vegetables makes meal preparation that much easier and you’ll get to enjoy a healthy meal with next to no extra effort at all.

Buy Veggies Every Time You Shop

Buy more vegetables and you’ll end up consuming more vegetables – it’s that simple. Be open to trying out new vegetables, once you may have not tried before, and explore different combinations and preparation methods. The internet has made this so; you just need to look it up and you’ll get whole heap of food inspiration at your fingertips. Make it a weekly habit to try out a different veggie-fruit combination. Also, have a go at reducing the amount of processed and pre-prepared food in your shopping basket and replace it with veggies and fruits instead. The temptation of reaching for junk when you’re next hungry will be greatly reduced if the only option is to eat something healthy.

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