5 Ways Healthy Food Can Change Your Skincare and Nutrition

Thanks to the ever-growing health and fitness revolution, we’ve become much more educated on what foods our bodies need to function optimally. And although we already know that the fast-food craze cannot possibly be good for us, the research on just how bad certain foods are for our complexion is still emerging.

Curious to find out how your menu affects your health? The following five are the basic elements of your skin-food relationship, and it’s up to you to adjust your daily habits to purify your complexion and boost your health!

1.    Antioxidants Are Your Best SPF

Vitamins and minerals are your best allies in fighting free radical damage and they also provide you with protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The most powerful ones on the list include vitamin C from citrus fruits and berries, and vitamin E from nuts and seeds. They work together with vitamin A to keep your skin sun-safe and youthful as much as possible, both when eaten or applied topically.

Selenium and zinc are minerals with similar protective properties, and they are incredibly potent in keeping your skin wrinkle-free, helping it boost collagen production and keep it safe from UV rays. Not to mention the kick your energy levels and your immune system will get from these mighty bites!

2.    The Building Blocks Of Life

Or proteins, as they’re also known, are vital for your skin health, much like they meddle in every important process in your body. Proteins are made of amino-acids, among which quite a few play a crucial role for the production and repair of collagen – primarily L-lysine and L-proline, both of which we should thank for keeping our skin elastic.

However, every one of us is different, and consuming the essential amino acids is, literally, essential. They are found in all lean meats – poultry, beef, salmon being your top choices, and eggs, dairy, plants such as beans and lentils. Protein is your bones’ and muscles’ best friend as well, so you have the chance to grow your strength and resilience with healthy protein sources. Plus, protein is very satiating, which will help you keep your appetite under control.

3.    Smooth And Silky With Omega 3s

Healthy fats, such as your beloved Omega 3, found in fatty fish like salmon and leafy greens are natural moisturisers for your complexion, preventing inflammation and irritation, which leads to a pure, acne-free skin without redness and other sensitivity issues.

Even eczema and psoriasis patients can benefit from implementing more of this lovely fatty acid – its restorative potential helps lubricate the skin naturally and repair the damaged tissue. It can be difficult to get enough via food, so high-quality supplements are sometimes recommended.

4.    Sugar-free Diet

An occasional cupcake won’t lead to a massive acne breakout, but indulging your sugar cravings on a regular basis can wreak havoc on your health. So, while we tend to watch what we eat on weekends when we have time to cook, and perhaps pre- and post-workout, it gets hectic during the days when we’re working and not to mention those special occasions.

When holidays and birthdays come a-knockin’, it can get exceptionally difficult to stick to your sugar-free diet and not reach for those sweet, sweet treats that are harmful for your skin and your overall well-being. As a response to those who wish to stay consistent even in the greatest of temptations, healthy catering in Sydney and other cities has become quite a popular choice for special occasions with a fit twist.

5.    Diversify Your Healthy Munchies

If your body is used to running on sugar, then you’ll have a “detox” period when you replace the bad with the good snacks – fresh fruits and vegetables are always welcome, but versatility is key to maintaining proper health. Why not enjoy some popcorn or healthy ice-cream varieties?

A fruit smoothie with dairy will boost your energy in a healthy way, while providing you with all the nutrients your body needs. It boils down to providing your body with delicious sustenance consistently and with imagination, because healthy food can taste incredible when prepared and mixed right.

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