The Art of Healthy Living Top 5 Blog Posts of 2016

2016 is nearing to a close and what a year it’s been for The Art of Healthy Living! We’ve shared with you real life stories, fitness advice, beauty tips, new product reviews, competitions, recipes and much much more – thank you so much for sharing our journey with us and taking the time to read, comment and share your stories with us.

We thought you’d be interested in discovering which of the many articles we’ve posted this year have been the most popular with you all, so here in reverse order are our Top 5 Blog Posts from 2016.

5. How to Hygge up your Life – We introduced you to the Danish concept of Hygge (pronounced hu-gah) – basically all things comfy, cosy, warm, yummy and anything that gives you a happy glow inside. You loved it so much, you made it number 5 on our list.

4. Revolutionise the Way you Eat with Human Fuel! – Could man survive on powdered food alone? Quite frankly, why would he want to?! Our product review of Huel (human fuel) explored why this product even exists, what it tastes like and whether it would be revolutionising on food in the future. It clearly started quite a debate and definitely got you lot thinking as you voted it Number 4 on our list.

3. Beanies Flavour Coffee Review – We really are a nation of coffee drinkers, as our review of Beanies flavour coffee goes to show. Coming in at number 3 in the popularity stakes, our review of this sugar free, flavoured instant coffee really got your interest and it seems you lot couldn’t wait to get that kettle on!

2. Healthy Food Trends 2017 – Like us, you are ALL about the food and what better article to read than this to discover the different new foods set to appear on our plates in 2017. Yep, we well and truly whet your appetites when we predicted the 11 foods that are soon to rock your world.

1. Fitness Trends 2017 – It appears you lot like to keep your fingers on the pulse and be in the know about all the latest trends to hit the fitness world, because our most popular blog post of 2016 reveals exactly that. From dance crazes to technology, our article predicts how we will be working out in 2017, and if nothing else, it’s likely to be fun!

So, there you have it, the top 5 most popular blog posts from The Art of Healthy Living – have you read them all?

We want to write about, what you want to read about, so get in touch and tell us what you think!

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