Beauty And Education – Best Schools To Enroll For Cosmetology

Cosmetology is one of the most popular beauty courses for students. According to the bureau of labour, their statistics state that the beauty industry keeps growing each year systematically. More job opportunities are being created around the course, which signifies the importance of fostering the course in universities through resources and practical training.

To become an expert in such a course, students will have to undergo thorough training. As a result, many institutions offer this course, however not all of them can offer the very best for students. A student can’t develop their skills without the assistance of professionals or trainers. Pursuing this course needs time and dedication to ensure that you practice more and hone your skills in the beauty industry.

Also, to be a proficient cosmetologist, you have to attain a certain degree of intensiveness and earn either a certificate or diploma. This is why we have compiled a list of some of the best universities and colleges that provide practical training in this area.

List Of The Best Universities And Colleges

Many factors make the following cosmetology schools great. Some of them include the university’s accreditation, the learning cost, and location of the institution. You should also check for any financial assistance from the university for the program. Here are our recommendations:

Marinello School of Beauty, Los Angeles

The school was developed in the year 1905, serving as an international institution for students for effective beauty training programs. Their education program was focused on beauty and spa treatments. The school is named after the founder of cosmetology, Giovanni Marinello.

It specializes in providing different programs on beauty, treatments, and spa management. Students can select the best programs and beauty courses according to their preferences. All learners enjoy professional assistance on career issues from the institution to empower and help them in decision making for successful training.

London School of Beauty and Make Up

Established in 1995, the school has been providing students with training on makeup application and beauty. It is fostered on giving students the best make up education and beauty therapy. It works as a private institution for educational programs in the UK, offering more than 40 courses.

They have first-class and experienced lecturers who conduct industry-based workshops, mentorship, Alumni programs, and master’s students’ classes. They have some of the most innovative and vibrant training to produce professional makeup artists and beauty gurus in the industry. Such professionalism and services are frequently analyzed by paper writing service writers

Australian National College of Beauty

The college specializes in diploma certificate courses and graduate programs on beauty therapy, which ensures fostering knowledge to its students. It has continued to make a massive splash of knowledge around the beauty and spa industry. It nurtures student’s passions and interests to make them acquire skills to become professionals in the beauty industry.

The school stands as a leading institution for offering beauty courses recording the yearly success of enrolling students. It has some of the best lecturers, a high caliber for its graduate, and excellent training infrastructure.

New Zealand Institute of Electrolysis and Beauty Therapy

The institution was developed in January 1984 and stands as one of the modern institutions with advanced programs and offers diploma courses in electrolysis and beauty therapy.

The programs have been developed in a manner that equips the students with specified demands that the beauty industry requires. The students have the necessary knowledge acquired from the programs to handle different challenges that they may face during their professional duties. They also provide full-time classes for beauty courses. You can enroll yourself for the following:

  • Spa Therapy Training
  • Electrolysis Courses
  • A course on a lash technician
  • Swedish massage remedial

Canadian Beauty College

The school is registered as a private institution and was established in 2009 in Canada. The college provides a varied number of beauty programs and diploma courses. It is a leading school for providing non-vocational courses in Canada and students from outside countries. The courses equip the students with exceptional skills that surpass individual goals. It has competitive training, workshops, and courses that have been incorporated with modern equipment.

The above colleges are some of the best institutions dedicated to providing the students with professional skills in beauty therapy and other programs. For a successful career in beauty therapy, a student needs to enroll in the best institution. There are more schools that you can continue to search online for a comprehensive review.

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