Beauty and Wellness Tips from Aussie Influencers

How does one country get to have so many beautiful people in one place? Known for their breezy, effortless good looks, it would seem that Aussie gals have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves to help keep them so pretty. Luckily, given the social media revolution and the ease of access more people have to the Internet, a lot of them have decided to share their wisdom with the world.

If you’re impressed by sun-kissed Australian beauty and want to know some cool tips that will help you update your own routine, here’s what some of the most famous influencers have to share.

Lauren Curtis’ Glowing Bronze Beauty

Contrary to popular belief, not every Aussie gal was simply born with a perfect summer tan, and for someone as pale as Lauren Curtis, self-tanning is a great way to get that bronzed, toned look regardless of the weather outside. Why not hit the beach already looking like a million bucks than having to spend a ton of hours cooking in the sun and damaging your skin just to get a tan?

Loving Tan is her favourite brand to use because she says it gives a completely natural tan without orange undertones, but you can use any kind of products that you like. To tan evenly, she first has a shower, scrubs her body, and shaves, and then she waits at least half an hour for her body to dry completely. Her favourite trick is to apply regular moisturising lotion to her knees, elbows, palms, armpits, and basically any other area that tends to get too dark and patchy. It’s important to wait for the skin to soak it in before moving on to the actual tanning mousse. She recommends using a glove while you spread the mousse on your skin to keep your palms safe from getting too much tan, and working in sections. Start with one arm and work fast to rub the product in until it’s evenly spread, and then move on to another part of your body. She also recommends that you do this whole process in the evening, right before bed so that the tan would have enough time to set in before you get a shower in the morning.

Nikkia Joy Gets Real About Cakey Foundation

Okay, foundation is something that can either be your greatest enemy or your best of friends, and there’s nothing more important in your makeup routine than how you apply that base. If it’s off, then everything else will be off.

Nikkia Joy comes to our rescue, and teaches us how to get smooth, flawless skin without looking cakey and like we’ve spackled our face on with makeup. To start off, she gives us a great tip: start with good skincare. If you neglect it, then no amount of makeup is ever going to make it look good. Now, before anything, it’s important to moisturise and prime your skin. That way, you’ll prevent any dry patches and the base will go on smoother and last longer. The next step is the most important one: choose a quality foundation, and apply it with a damp beauty blender. She’s a fan of the Napoleon Perdis line, particularly the Stroke of Genius Liquid Cashmere Foundation that has the fantastic blend of two great qualities: gives good coverage and looks natural on the skin. Don’t go overboard with it and don’t try to cover up major problem areas with foundation. That’s what concealer is for. Once you’re done with foundation, you can brighten your under-eye area and spot-conceal only the bits of your skin that still have blemishes or redness peeking through. Again, use as little product as possible.

Now, this is usually the moment where most people would set their foundation with a powder, but she has an interesting trick to share – use setting spray first. Spray your face lightly, allow it to dry, and then apply a very light coat of powder and only apply it on your t-zone. If you have dry skin, you can skip this step completely. And there you have it, a smooth, gorgeous base. Proceed to apply blush, bronzer, highlighter, or whatever else is generally a part of your routine.

5-Minute “No Makeup” Makeup From Sara Crampton

We’re absolutely loving Sara from Harper and Harley and her easy makeup routine. If you want just a natural beauty routine that will make it look like you’re not wearing any makeup at all, she recommends to focus on your brows and fill them in lightly with some powder, then brush them up with an eyebrow gel to give them a thicker appearance. She also uses lightweight foundation, a touch of mascara, and tight-lines her upper lash line with some liquid eyeliner for subtle volume. You can update her routine with some nude lipstick if you like, or keep it nice and simple by sticking to a lip balm.

Jessica Stein’s Quick Tip For Combating Dryness

The travel queen, Jessica Stein has plenty of experience with both being a brave mum and running her stunning travel blog – Tuula Vintage. She knows just what to take in her carry-on when going abroad, and our favorite recommendation of hers is the Lucas PaPaw ointment, or “the best things you’ll ever do for your lips.” You can also use it on any other part of your body, so if you need a dry skin remedy, this is exactly where you need to turn to.

Well, Aussie gals really are an inspiration in the beauty world. Do you like their tips? We’ve tried them, and here’s what we can tell you: they really work. If they inspired you make sure to check out their social media because all of them are quite fond of sharing their tricks and making us very happy.

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