Best Places To Travel And Food To Try In Calgary

If you are fond of sightseeing, mountaineering and photography, you should definitely plan a trip to Canada. It’s the best place for those of you who like travel and adventure the most. It’s a guarantee that you will not stop admiring the beauty of nature over there. You can either plan a solo trip or a family trip during the school holidays. In particular, you should try travelling to Calgary this vacation.

Don’t worry, you can easily find a flight for this destination. If you set aside some time, when you’re in a relaxed mood, to find the flights then you can easily find lots of cheap flights to Calgary. You simply have to create a clear picture in your mind about the places you want to visit and the local food you want to try and your job is done. You can search for a flight that is good to go with the date and timing that you have chosen for your journey.

In Calgary, you must try some of these foods and places below:


Food tripping is just one of the many experiences that you can do when you travel to Calgary. There are many new restaurants that have opened up with amazing tastes embedded in their special meals.

Breakfast from “Yellow Door Bistro”

The first meal of the day needs to be delicious and bewildering. Thus, Yellow Door Bistro serves you yummy pancakes, shakes and tasty dishes for lunch too. Be sure to stop in here, then eat and repeat!

Sandwiches from “Alumni Sandwich”

If you prefer to have sandwiches over a normal snack, you will love to have it for lunch or dinner at this restaurant. Your sandwich will be served with the drink of your choice along with any snack or side dish you order to go alongside. You can also try different Canadian cuisines here.

Barbecue by “Hayden Block”

The smell of smoky barbecue will stop from going anywhere without first having a bite of it. Hayden Block has exactly these kind of mouth-watering barbecues for you! Don’t forget to have the briskets that they serve.


Being a travel fiend you can totally understand how it feels to be at a fascinating place like Calgary. You will soon get to know all about the culture and history of this place. Let’s have a glimpse of some of those places to get you started:

Prince Island’s Park

The Calgary Folk Festival is celebrated in this park and the annual Canada Day is also celebrated with extreme enthusiasm. If you are looking for a peaceful environment during your trip to Calgary, you should try walking by this park.

Devonian Gardens

This garden is located inside a shopping mall with the intention of creating an indoor botanical garden. You will find numerous plants and trees here. This garden is a treat to watch and to relieve any stress you may have got throughout your journey.

Calgary Tower

This tower depicts the hundredth anniversary of Canada. You have to buy a ticket to walk around this tower. Its height is about 190.8m and it is known as Calgary Observation Tower. If you are staying somewhere near to this place, it;s well worth taking a tour.

There is no end to the places you can visit and the tasty cuisines you can enjoy trying in Calgary. The above listed are just a few of the things and places that you can try. Hurry up, winter season is about to end!

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