Can You Pass A Urinalysis With Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine or ‘fake pee’ is a real thing and boasts as being effective in its many uses, which for some, includes attempting to pass a pre-employment drug screening. Though it involves more than merely pouring it into the small container and submitting it to the provider, it may be something that you want to avoid in the first place.

The Fundamentals Of Synthetic Urine

Urine comprises specific components for which synthetic urine attempts to duplicate. For a urine test, some aspects need instituting in order for the participant to pass the test, and with synthetic urine products, click here, the idea is to implement those elements.

The original purpose for synthetic urine was not to avoid the repercussions of a drug test but rather to create a compound, ammonium cyanate, which ultimately passed as urine after several trials. These were experiments performed by Friedrich Wohler in 19th Century Germany. The composition of the substance is basically:

  • Approximately 95% of the liquid comprises water.
  • Creatinine and urea are said to consist of approximately 5% of the remainder along with ammonia, phosphates, chlorides, and sulfates.

The claim is the PH balance needs to be in the range of 5 to 10, and the gravity should be in the range from 1.003 to 1.035. Each manufacturer is going to offer their take on the formula making each substance a unique makeup.

These synthetics come in a powder consistency as opposed to liquid format to be diluted. The liquids are much better as they’re ready for use but not of the proper temperature. When urine releases from the body, it possesses a specific temperature that needs duplicating for the fake pee to be successful.

The powdered option often offers a heating element after it’s mixed to bring it to the appropriate temperature. Plus, there is a process for incorporating a similar odor and appearance to that of the real thing.

Can You Use Synthetic Urine For A Drug Test?

The notion that a healthcare provider will recognize the synthetic urine as anything but actual urine is very slim when testing for a basic drug test like for a job interview or medical testing of any sort. The claim is that a typical urinalysis test kit is not going to be able to detect that the liquid used is not actual urine.

It is, of course, based on the quality of the product purchased from the market and your overall understanding of how the provider will administer the testing. It is critical when you receive a drug test for any situation, that you ask prior to the date of administration, how the test will be given as far as if you will be alone in the room, can you drop a sample off beforehand, or if you are going to be monitored throughout the testing, all of which will affect the use of synthetic urine. A monitored test will obviously make the use of fake pee virtually impossible.

Passing a drug test using ‘fake pee’ is possible if you do the process correctly with the use of the optimum in products that are least likely to be detected. Your only potential weakness will be in not knowing the administration process.

Without this knowledge, there is a strong possibility for detection, particularly in the instance where you will be carefully watched throughout the course of the test. In this scenario, there will be an administrator with you when you arrive, in the screening room, and until you leave, allowing no opportunity for deceit. Click for information on urinalysis using these products.

Final Word

You have a good chance of getting through your drug analysis without any problem so long as you’re prepared before you go to the test. The lab is not going to do any type of advanced testing unless they find a reason to be suspicious. In that case, there will be an adulteration test.

The claim is, though, that the products available on the market today are of the quality that they are not detectable by these tests. The better-quality product and the more preparation you have for the study, the better chance you have for a successful result.

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