Monthly Confessions From A Teenage Diary – June 1993

Honestly, when I look back at my teenage diary from 1993 what strikes me the most is just how random some of the stuff I got up to was. How many other teenagers from that era can say they did work experience at a vets and that it was boring because all they got to do was hold down a Rottweiler!?!?

I’m also genuinely shocked by how much diet culture and body image affected me at the time. I genuinely don’t remember being as worried about it as I appear to be in my teenage diary extracts; if it’s not my hair it’s my weight. I guess I’ve never really considered that how I felt back then and the influences around me, would have such an impact on how I felt about my body growing up throughout the rest of my teens and into my 20s and 30s. I’m pleased to say that now I have none of these hang ups, despite my hair still being crap and my thighs still being meaty. How frustrating though to know that all that time was spent worrying over something as trivial as weight, especially when I was a perfectly healthy 13 year old.

Don’t worry it’s not all doom and gloom, there are plenty of things that happen that will make you laugh and cringe in equal measures. Enjoy this month’s teenage diary!

Tuesday 1st June

Went to see the woman about babysitting. We’ll be doing it tomorrow from about 7.30-9.30. The children are called Harry and Elizabeth Curl. Sheila’s staying the night. We went for a two hour walk and then came back, had some pancakes, and then sat on the lawn waiting for Claudia and co to come out of Players then we sat on the village hall wall and had a bitch about people.

Wednesday 2nd June

Went ten-pin bowling with Sheila and her family. I won £4.30 on the 10p machines, but I shared half with Sheila and then spent the rest. I also scored a strike on my first go at bowling. We babysat for two hours so we got £1.50 out of it each. Nina left us some biscuits that were homemade, they were totally foul. A car was on fire in the village, it blew up. I’m aiming to at least try and save another £40 to spend on clothes.

Thursday 3rd June

I managed to get my English and History done. I’ve just got to finish my Science and make my Drama props. Sheila came round in the afternoon because her mum went out. It was generally boring 1) because we’ve seen each other all week 2) because there was nothing to do. Nina Curl phoned to say she wanted me and Sheila to babysit on Sunday. I’ll do anything for money. Well, almost anything.

Friday 4th June

Went into Chippenham with Mum. She bought me a cheap equivalent to Doc Martens for my expedition and for me to wear before and after. Mum said that when there’s a suitable film on she’ll pay for both me and Sheila to go on our own. We only have to pay £1.50 for aerobics because it’s for our D of E so that means I’m not losing out on any money. Dad says I’ve got a lot of meat on my thighs. Diet here we come.

Saturday 5th June

Today at the vets it was pretty boring because there was a different woman helping. The most exciting thing I did was support a Rottweiler’s leg while it was being bandaged. Washed Dad’s car, but haven’t got any money for it yet. I tied up my room, got rid of all my cuddly toys and I’ve got the shoe rack. I phoned Nina up and she said we’ll be babysitting for about 4 hours because they’re going for a meal. How lush, £3.

Sunday 6th June

I’m writing this before because we won’t be back until late. We went to a bird park. You could feed the birds, ducks and deer by hand. Then we had a meal in Swindon. Sheila’s staying the night and Mum’s giving me the key so we can let ourselves in tonight. I told Dad that I thought Hullavington was so boring. He said that I should look out for youth club discos, but somehow that sounds too babyish.

Monday 7th June

It was boiling today, mind you it would be now we’re back at school. I wore my hair up and it got various comments: Chuck “Smile, your hair’s not that bad”, Ada “Oh you’ve got your hair up, it’s nice”, Sheila “I wish I had hair like yours”, Noreen “She’s had it permed”.  I don’t care what people say, it’s comfortable and looks a hell of a lot nicer than those hairbands. Tried to get a suntan, failed. I’ve got to lose some weight on my thighs.

Tuesday 8th June

Decided to go swimming so me, Sheila, A, Stan, Ivor, Mum and Dad went to the Olympiad only to find it was swimming club, so we went to Corsham only to find it shut at 7pm and it was now 7.30pm. In the end we all ended up in a pub at Biddestone. Mr Goman commented about my hair in front of the class, he said “your hair looks nice Rebecca”. Chuck bloody Wilson and Richie fucking Martin made some smarmy sarcastic remarks. They’re such bastards.

Wednesday 9th June

Today some more people took the jip out of my hair, so I’ve lowered the ponytail back a bit more which makes it look better. Babysat for 1 1/2 hours but still got £1.50 out of it. I put a fake tattoo on. Little did I know it would be so hard to remove. Now I’ve got a red mark and a lump. Practiced javelin in PE. I suppose I’m average at it. I’m really dreading running on Friday, I’m sure I’ll come in last and make a fool of myself in front of everyone. Oh well.

Thursday 10th June

A was fighting with Ivor on the bus so I told Rob the bus driver. I got more of a lecture off Mum and Dad than A did. They never see things from my point of view.  I really thought I did the right thing because someone could have got hurt. I’m really dreading tomorrow because I have to run and we’re showing our drama plays. I don’t like making a fool of myself for nothing. I bet my hair falls out while running tomorrow which means it will be even more embarrassing. Didn’t want to do it anyway.

Friday 11th June

Doing the 400m was so humiliating. I got up to the last 50m, by then I was 5th out of 10, and I just collapsed and had a semi-blackout. I got up too run again but fell over again. In the end I finished by walking and lost. The worst thing was that people were laughing at me because I’d fallen. I tell you I very nearly cried. Glad I didn’t though.

Saturday 12th June

Harry decided to come downstairs so I reasoned that if he went upstairs I’d read him a story and then he’d go to bed. It worked. Got £3.00 out of it. I’ve written some more of my English story, I’m quite enjoying it. Cleaned out the animals and got most of my homework out of the way. Sheila’s staying the night and tomorrow I’m going over to her house because we’ll have it to ourselves. A went to the fizzy disco across the road, how sad.

Sunday 13th June

Went over to Sheila’s. We put the sprinkler on and were getting each other wet. I was thoroughly soaked including my bra and knickers so I put them in the tumble dryer but it didn’t do much. Sheila is always eating so whenever I go over there I put on about a stone and I’m trying to lose weight as it is. We made egg sandwiches. The first two eggs we used weren’t cooked enough so they leaked over our hands, it was so foul.

Monday 14th June

Geography test. It was harder than I thought, but I managed to answer all the questions set. I’ve finished my story, I’m quite proud of it, but I’ve read Kevin’s and his is much better than mine, it really miffs. We’re having our windows done. It’s left my room a mess, but the window is actually quite nice. I’ve put on my Take That window sticker, because quite frankly that’s where it belongs, on a window. Noreen’s being a real bitch to Sheila. She’s partly ignoring her and going off with Deborah for no reason.

Tuesday 15th June

Babysat for Winnie, got £2.50 out of it. Got my Take That fanzine, which has virtually everything you could possibly want to know about them. I might be getting Wilfred’s paper round because he’s giving it up. That means I’ll get at least £7.00 a week. Mr Goman gave me 10 out of 10 and an A. He said I was “damn good at History”. Probably only trying to make me feel guilty because I’m not taking it next year.

Wednesday 16th June

Javelin – cancelled because of rain. I’ve got the paper round whenever Wilfred gives up. On Saturday I’ll be going with him at about 7.30am to learn the route. Did aerobics in PE, it was actually quite good. Each group of 4 people had to lead a 30 second aerobic routine and because me and Sheila have been going to aerobics, our group’s was really different to everyone else’s. It was so lush.

Thursday 17th June

We’re doing trigonometry in Maths, it’s so utterly pointless, but Mr Willams says that if you understand it you’ll get a grade C because there’s a lot of it when we do our GCSEs. Great. Sheila’s going to the opticians today. I haven’t heard from her yet, but I expect she’ll phone. I really ought to do some homework so that it doesn’t all mount up but to be quite frank I really can’t be bothered to do it, but I better had.

Friday 18th June

I threw the javelin 6.4 metres which in reality is crap. One boy got 26.9m. Noreen’s a real bitch, she just can’t give in to the fact that I get on better with Sheila than she does. She’s dead jealous of me because she reckons I’m good at everything. It makes me laugh. I’ve made a rule that I’m not allowed to pick my toenails because they’ll look a whole lot nicer if I let them grow. I go with Wilfred on his paper round tomorrow.

Saturday 19th June

Staying night at Sheila’s. Babysitting 7.30pm. Vets 8.30am. Paper round 7.30am. Got £4 for babysitting. Hullavington carnival was held today. The playgroup float won. They deserved it, the float was really good. Wilfred gave me £1 for helping with his paper round. I still don’t know when I’m definitely starting. The vets was pretty dull today, only because they ran out of jobs to give me.

Sunday 20th June

Went to Geraldine’s for Sunday dinner and then stayed until about 4pm. Played with Stuart, Graham, Robbie and Jimmy. I’ve made a new age mobile out of beads and ribbon, I’m actually quite proud of it. I brought a candle up to my room because I thought I could light it when it got dark, but Mum came in and said it was dangerous, so in other words she doesn’t trust me with matches. Wait till I get my joss sticks.

Monday 21st June

Get up 6am for paper round at 6.45am. We’re making a pinball machine in Tech and we have to use the vacuum framer. It’s so lush, but designing it is so boring. Noreen’s more or less completely ignoring Sheila and not exactly over friendly with me. She’s sucking up to Petunia, when it is plainly obvious that she’s really only trying to get me or Sheila jealous. It’s not working on my half. I don’t know what Sheila really feels like on the inside.

Tuesday 22nd June

Went over to Sheila’s after school. She went to the doctors about her foot, he gave her some cream and antibiotics to take. Me and Sheila are eating healthily and exercising every day so that we can get a good shape for Germany. On July 9th GWR are touring and they’ll be in Cirencester. I really want to go because I reckon it’ll be fun, but Sheila doesn’t so I’d have no one to go with. I’ll try and persuade her, but I don’t know how.

Wednesday 23rd June

Babysitting 7.30pm. Smash Hits 70p. Apparently, according to Wilfred’s brother, Wilfred now fancies me as well as Sheila. I just had a funny kind of feeling that might happen. I don’t even like him. Why couldn’t someone decent fancy me? My next door neighbours come back with about 5 lush friends. They’re going to the Glastonbury festival. One of them in particular is really gorgeous. Claudia said to A “I don’t like your sister much at the moment because she’s always with Sheila”. Stupid cow.

Thursday 24th June

I’ve packed my rucksack and it’s really heavy and looks it as well. I’ve got to tell Mr Panisol that I won’t be able to do my paper round from the 12th to the 24th July and I’m not looking forward to it. I’m telling him tomorrow, but I feel really guilty because I haven’t even started properly yet and I’m telling him I want days off. Mum says she’ll pay for me and Sheila to see Jurassic Park when it’s on. Its certificate hasn’t been chosen yet. It’ll either be PG or 12.

Friday 25th June

I’ve finished my story for English and published it. I don’t mean to be big headed but I’m really proud of it. Mrs Hamilton told me it was a shame I wasn’t doing Drama next year because I’m good at it. I got 27 out of 38 in a Geography test, which I think is good. When using DTP Charlie Morris and his mate were up there. His mate is really lush, I don’t know his name though. They gave me a leaflet about ‘the best party of the year’. Wow the honour.

Saturday 26th June

Practice expedition. Shit! God do I ache. There is absolutely no way I’m carrying the tent on the way back. There is no flat ground, just steep hills and you’ve guessed it, we’ve got to go up them not down. Moira was attempting to help us but she knew sod all and got us lost 3 times so we were 3 hours behind schedule, but had walked 4km extra. Chris Davies is really funny, especially his imitations of ducks. Played frisbee with Mr Start, he’s really good at it.

Sunday 27th June

Home at last, but I can tell you now there’s no way I’m going to school tomorrow! Today was a lot better because we were left on our own and we actually managed to complete the route in a reasonable time with only Mr Start meeting us in the middle. He bought us an ice lolly each. We just had to prove them all that we could actually complete it and read maps.

Monday 28th June

Start paper round on my own. Stayed off school and I feel a whole lot better for it. Mr Panisol offered me the evening paper round as well. I agreed and went down today, but Wilfred had already done it. Thinking about it, I’m not going to take it even though I would get £2 extra, because it ruins my social life. I’ll ask Wilfred if he’s still doing it and if not I’ll have to tell Mr Panisol that I won’t be able to do it any more. It’s for the best.

Tuesday 29th June

Sports Day – miss last two lessons of school. I got 80% in my Science test and I’m really pleased with that. Petunia and Iris made a right cock up of the science experiment today because they mixed the wrong things together. They’re both such twats. Petunia has been telling Noreen everything that me and Sheila have been saying about her and also making horrible things up. She’s such a bitch, I really hate her. Girls came 3rd n Sports Day and the boys came 5th. YEAH! 9RB won both of them.

Wednesday 30th June

Received a postcard from Take That informing me of the different formats of their new single Pray. I heard it on the radio this morning and it sounds really good. I hope my period comes soon because I don’t want to have it when I go to Germany. It’ll be such an inconvenience to me. In PE I was in a group with Marigold and Louise, I can’t stand them, they’re so bitchy. When I go to Germany I’ll be in a room with Claudia, Noreen and Sheila. If Noreen tags along with me I’ll probably have a go at her.


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*The names have been changed from those in my teenage diary to protect the not so innocent

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