Can You Sue If You Slip And Fall On A Gym’s Property?

The gym is a great place to go to strengthen your body and relax your mind. That means it is great for both physical and mental health, which is why gyms tend to be successful businesses all across the country with thousands of members from all walks of life. However, just like with any business, accidents can happen at a gym and many of those accidents can be of the slip and fall variety. This is not surprising since sweat, water spilled from bottles, and people dripping after a shower can make the surface slippery.

But what can you do if you slip and fall inside of a gym? The answer depends on the situation but if you decide to pursue a legal remedy after a slip and fall in a gym, then you will need to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you. The reason is that you will be going up against a big company and you will need an attorney to level the playing field. If you live in the Washington D.C. area, then you can read more here to get the help you need.

Premises Liability Law

This law states that a property owner is responsible for keeping their premises safe for any visitors, especially if that property is a public space that has a lot of visitors. The owner must make sure that there are no hazards that could potentially injure someone. If such a hazard does occur, then the owner should respond by removing it or posting a clear warning so that customers can avoid it.

Gyms are beholden to premises liability law as well, which means that they should conduct regular inspections to make sure that the equipment is safe and in good working condition and that there are no hazards that could cause an injury. If such a hazard is detected, then it is incumbent on the gym owner to fix it or warn people about it. The failure to do so constitutes negligence, which means that the owner could be held liable for any injuries that occur because of any hazards on the property.

Liability Waivers

Many gyms have their members sign liability waivers that absolves the gym of any responsibility if a member gets injured on the premises. However, those are for injuries that the members suffer while working out and using the equipment. There are no waivers that can protect the gym if a gym member slips and falls because of negligence on the part of the property owner. Any such waiver would be unenforceable in a court of law, which means that anyone who slips and injures themself because the gym failed to establish a proper duty of care has the right to sue the gym.

Contact An Attorney If You Suffered A Slip And Fall In A Gym

You have the right to file a lawsuit if you slipped and fell in a gym because of the negligence of the gym’s owner. That is because the law requires the gym to be a safe place for anyone who enters it. If the failure to enforce the safety standards ends up causing an injury to a member, then that member has the right to sue the gym. However, they will need to contact an experienced personal injury attorney in order to get the compensation that they deserve.

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