How Does Cholesterol Affect Your Heart Health?

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While cholesterol plays a vital role in producing new cells in your body, building up hormones, and protecting your nerves, too much of LDL (commonly known as bad cholesterol) can turn out to be harmful to your heart health. Basically, the liver of a human handles the production of cholesterol in your body. But apart from the liver, animal-based meals (including but not limited to eggs, meat, milk, and more) also contribute to the creation of bad cholesterol in your body.

HDL (good cholesterol) is necessary to ensure proper functioning of your body. But, the development of bad cholesterol can adversely affect your health. In fact, it increases the risk of the occurrence of critical heart disorders such as heart stroke, heart attack, heart failure etc. So do you have an excessive cholesterol issue? Are you looking for the best possible treatment option to get rid of bad cholesterol development?

Let’s have a look at its symptoms and treatment:

Can High Cholesterol Cause Severe Heart Disorder?

As mentioned above, the development of a significant amount of bad cholesterol in human blood can lead to atherosclerosis, a heart issue caused when cholesterol starts developing in your arteries. You might have heard that it’s your arteries that are responsible for carrying blood from your heart to different organs and then back to the heart. Now, as the wall of your arteries is filled with cholesterol, it turns out to be really thin. As a result, the blood flow from/to your heart decelerates.

The conditions may get worse when your arteries either get clogged partially or wholly (depending upon the buildup of cholesterol in it). This is because the blocked arteries do not let the oxygen carried out by your bloodstream reach your heart, which further leads to chronic pain or even heart attack in the worst state.

Note: While LDL is one of the major causes of heart diseases, HDL (good cholesterol) protects your heart.

Some Common Symptoms Of Bad Cholesterol

Usually, people suffering from LDL may or may not experience any symptoms, which is why a majority of individuals don’t even know if their cholesterol level has reached an extreme point or borderline i.e. 200-239. Hence, the only possible way to find out the total number of LDL in your body is by conducting a lipoprotein test to ensure a safe and healthy heart.

The test provides you with:

  • Cholesterol level
  • Number of LDL
  • Number of HDL
  • Triglycerides

According to the specialist recommendation, every individual of 20 years or over should opt for their cholesterol level checkup every once in 5-6 years.

Treatment Of High Cholesterol

Apart from the intake of drugs prescribed by your doctor, you should:

  • Change your dietary habits and reduce the consumption of saturated fats and carbohydrates to lower the number of LDL in your body.
  • Practice physical exercises and meditation for at least 1-2 hours a day. Exercises have been proven to be an effective solution to diminish LDL and boost HDL level.
  • Note that overweight people are more prone to develop LDL. Following a weight loss management program can help you reduce weight and consequently lower bad cholesterol.


If you’re suffering from severe chest pain and breathing issues then it is a time to consult a heart specialist. Taking your heart issues for granted can increase the risk of the occurrence of a heart attack. Hence, if you experience an extreme level of difficulty in breathing or chest pain, it is advisable to approach your doctor and get treatment straight away.

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