Food Tourism As A Growing Trend

For a lot of countries, food is a part of the culture. It’s something that connects all of us, and we all take pride in our national dishes and our eating habits, however unusual they might be. The easiest way to bond with someone is over a shared meal, and there’s nothing more exciting than going out to a restaurant of international cuisine and “having a taste” of a different country. So, is it any wonder that food tourism has been thriving? People want to become familiar with different destinations, and their favourite way to do it is through an eating adventure.

Does this sound interesting?

If you want to know more about this kind of tourism, what it involves, and where you can go, then read on.

What Exactly Is Food Tourism?

Simply put, it’s something that involves one or several food tours. Usually done in a group with other tourists, a guide will make sure everyone has gathered around before taking you through the city and showing you the local dishes and beverages. People generally go around various restaurants and taste all sorts of meals, but a lot of tours also take you to street food corners, bars, and barbecue joints. You not only get to taste traditional dishes, but also the urban portion of cuisine and all the popular meals that the locals love eating. A lot of these tours last anywhere from 2-4 hours, but some even involve several days where people are taken to a new place each evening. It’s pretty fast-paced, fun, and totally family-friendly.

Understanding Cultures Through Food

If you’ve ever wanted to see Asia, the best way to get familiar with different parts of this continent is through food. In India, you’ll understand how curry and turmeric can transform a meal and give it a special kind of richness, and in China, you’ll be thrilled by the explosion of sweet, sour, and hot spices all in one dish. If you head to Vietnam, you can get a little bit of everything—both simple hearty food and local snacks with very unique tastes. The best thing about these kinds of experiences is that you can easily combine them with other activities. For example, why not go for a fun Ho Chi Minh City sights tour to check out the best attractions one day, and then get familiar with the local culture through a tasty food tour the next? Similarly, if you’re going to France, wouldn’t it be divine to actually taste Paris? The cheeses, the wines, the delicate little pastries that are served with hot coffee — all of this can contribute to simply having a great experience and enjoying yourself every step of the way.

A Fun Way To Learn Something New

Regardless of whether you’re in Asia, Europe, or Australia, there’s something very satisfying about combining both cultural visits to museums and galleries, and a much simpler form of entertainment through food. The tours are not just about chucking you into a restaurant and ordering you to eat — they’re about teaching you something in a very nice way. You’ll learn about the history of the dish, find out why it’s so popular, and hear a lot of interesting tidbits and anecdotes. You’ll also learn about the people who prepare the food and maybe even find out a secret about how to recreate the meal at home.

If you’re a foodie, this kind of experience can be priceless, and if you aren’t, it’s likely that a passion for food and variety will wake up once you try something new. You can also pick up a lot about healthy nutrition and learn why the residents of a certain country look as good as they do. After all, our diets influence our appearance, so if you like to admire the lean waists of Japanese women or thick, healthy hair of Italian ladies, learn about their eating habits. They might surprise you and give you an insight into how you can change your own nutrition to better your health.

Are Food Tours Expensive?

It’s impossible to answer this question directly because there are simply too many different kinds of food tours. Let us reassure you by telling you that most of them are totally affordable, and they become even more inexpensive if you book a spot in a group rather than opting for a solitary experience. In truth, you’re likely to find a good bargain because you’ll be trying good dishes at a reduced price, walking around the city and sightseeing, and probably learning little tidbits of history along the way. A food tour is a well-rounded experience, and definitely worth the money.

Have we awakened your wanderlust?

If food tours sound interesting, make sure to involve one in your next vacation.

Have fun and happy eating!

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