Common Health Concerns You Should Watch Out For After 40

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As we grow old, it comes to be expected that our health requires better care. With age, our mental sharpness, bone strength and immune system weaken and we become more prone to injuries and various types of illnesses. From hypertension and impaired vision to urinary tract infections and osteoporosis, there are a plethora of conditions that can prevent you from growing old carefree. Therefore, it’s wise to educate yourself about which conditions to be especially aware of so that you can take care of them in time and if possible, even prevent them from ever happening. These are the common health concerns you should watch out for after you turn 40:


High blood pressure is one of the most common health concerns many people over 40 deal with on a daily basis. Preventing and managing hypertension is of great importance for your wellbeing, because if left untreated it can cause major health issues such as stroke and heart attack. Stress is one of the most common causes of hypertension, which is why you should learn how to manage stress and keep all the unnecessary worries at bay. Meditation and yoga are one of the best practices that will help you calm your mind and learn how to filter negative emotions and thoughts from your mind. Aside from staying calm, you should also reduce sodium intake and eat healthy to keep the blood pressure in check.

Urinary Tract Infections

Because of the thinning of the vaginal walls as we age, women are very prone to urinary tract infections. The vagina’s pH changes with age, which contributes to more infections of this kind. Going to the bathroom before and after sex as well as drinking lots of water is recommended to avoid urinary tract infections. In case you notice an uncomfortable stinging or itching in the vaginal area and you don’t have the time to schedule an appointment at the clinic, schedule a home doctor visit and have them do an exam and see what the problem may be. You may need to start taking antibiotics or vaginalettes to treat the infection.

Slow Metabolism

If you’ve noticed that you’re slowly gaining weight after you’ve turned 40, it could be because your metabolism does not work at the same pace as it used to when you were in your 20s. Changes in heart health, hormone maintenance and metabolism all occur due to the decrease of oestrogen during menopause, which means that your way of life will have to slightly change as well. Namely, you’ll have to start making smarter food choices and increase your physical activity. Learn about portion control, because the amount of food you start to eat will play a significant role in your weight balance. The same goes for the frequency of your workouts. You should make time to exercise more often if you want to prevent belly fat from accumulating.

Sight and Hearing Issues

As you age, your vision and hearing may decrease as well. This is especially true for people who work long hours in front of the computer and for people who work in a loud environment. Their vision and hearing will decrease faster and maybe even before they reach 40. Therefore, get ready to have your eyes and ears checked regularly so that you can start wearing glasses or contacts sooner instead of going through life with poor eyesight.


According to studies, approximately one in two women and up to one in four men over the age of 40 will break a bone due to osteoporosis. A hip, spine or wrist are most likely to break due to osteoporosis, which is why you should be more attentive if your physical activity is on the high. Osteoporosis will weaken your bones, making them more prone to injuries and causing slower healing followed by permanent pain, which is why you should always be careful while exercising or doing any strenuous activities that may cause falls, twists or sprains.

The older we get, the more concerned about our wellbeing we should be. Every decade brings along certain risks to our health which is why you should have regular check-ups and make sure you’re not at high risk of any serious illnesses. Keep stress levels at bay, take it easy on your exercise, check your eyes and hearing regularly, make sure your urinary tract is all right and stay away from strenuous activities that can cause falls and severe injuries.

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