Drinking shots makes you beautiful!

Bet I got your attention with that headline, right? I wouldn’t even be at all surprised if it had you running out the door to the nearest supermarket ready to clear the shelves of Tequila, Jägermeister and Sambuca before you’d even had a chance to read the rest of this article!

Well, I am very sorry to disappoint, but I’m afraid I’m not here to tell you about a beauty craze that promises beautiful skin and eternal good looks just by drinking copious amount of alcoholic shots each night.

Come on now…that really would be too good to be true!

In fact, what I’m going to tell you about instead is far, far better than that, because it’s a product that works and comes from a company that really cares about you.

What is it?

Vivania Beauty Shot is a collagen drink that aims to improve the softness, muscle tone, natural beauty and overall appearance of the skin. Research has shown that after the age of 25 the body will naturally start to lose 1.5% of its collagen content a year and because it is collagen that gives us a youthful glow, it is essential to top up the depleted store. A reduced level of collagen within the skin not only affects elasticity, but will also contribute to the dreaded signs of ageing, including wrinkles, fine lines and dryness.

So, the bad news is that at the moment you can’t buy Vivania Beauty Shot in this country. It is currently manufactured and packaged in Finland, a country with a tradition for holding the key to ancient Nordic-Scandinavian beauty secrets.

Vivania Beauty ShotBut, hold on, because here comes the good news…there is a new start up company who wants to bring Vivania Beauty Shot to the UK, so that us Brits can get a shot at this beauty lark too.

BeautyShot.tv Limited have managed to get themselves an exclusive distribution deal for Vivania Beauty Shot and with their ethos of making sure that the right healthy products reach the consumer at reasonable prices, they are well suited to the job. Although the product is currently fit for market, there is still work that needs doing on the packaging; more specifically the translation to suit English speaking consumers.

And this is where they need your help…

They currently have a Crowdfunder campaign running, in which they hope to raise enough funds to take the project forward. In exchange for your support they are offering varying levels of reward, so please do go and check it out.

You’re probably wondering what Vivania Beauty Shot tastes like…?

Well after the very recent experience of having my own skin analysed (have a read of my article ‘Are You Happy With The Skin You’re In?’ for more details), I was also keen to give Vivania Beauty Shot a try, and fortunately for me, the very kind people at beautyshot.tv sent me a sample.

Before I take my first shot, let’s firstly take a look at what’s in it:

Each 50ml dose contains:

Fish hydrolyzed collagen Peptan®            10g
Hyaluronic acid                                             100mg
L-ascorbic acid containing vitamin C       75mgVivania Beauty Shot
Peach aroma

I know what you’re thinking…Fish hydrolyzed collagen Peptan®, what the?! I know it doesn’t sound like the most tempting thing in the world, but bear with me and I’ll tell you the good stuff. Fish hydrolyzed collagen Peptan® is a skin miracle worker.

Check out what it can do:

  • Easily absorbed.
  • Easily digestible.
  • Has proven scientific results.
  • Reacts with Hyaluronic acid to provide moisture, elasticity, lift and firmness to the skin.
  • Maintain healthy skin structure.

And the taste…?

You may have noticed in the ingredients that it says peach aroma and that is pretty much what it tastes like. It’s sweet, like a syrup, but not overly so, as there is a tartness to it similar to lemon juice. I’m not going to say that you would be happy to sit and sip at it, but that’s not what you’re supposed to do!

The clue is in the name…it’s a beauty shot, and when you drink it like you would a shot, it tastes sharp, sweet and in all honesty, like it’s going to do you some good!

Oladeji IkuesanWe were lucky enough to grab a few minutes with the passionate entrepreneur behind BeautyShots.tv Limited, Oladeji Ikuesan, who told us all about his project and his plans for the future.

What is BeautyShot.tv?

“BeautyShot.tv Ltd is a start-up company that aims to be a go-to price aggregator and a lively retail hub for consumers and merchants that are interested in health, beauty, food and fashion products. We are targeting the UK-EU and African markets for a start and hope to scale organically as we keep improving on our model.”

What products do you currently sell?

“At the moment, we’re using the result-oriented Finnish collagen syrup Vivania Beauty Shot as our flagship product, because we have an exclusive distribution deal for the UK and African markets. Vivania Beauty Shot is a liquid food supplement that contains Hydrolysed Peptan® Collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, which strengthens the skin’s texture, helps the skin to preserve its firmness and elasticity, and enhances beauty from within. Healthy and natural oral collagen is extremely important, because after the age of 25 the body will start to lose its ability to create new collagen. This reduces by 1.5% annually and by the age of 45 collagen levels in the body can be reduced by as much as 30%. More products will be listed on the website when we finally launch the webstore this spring 2016.”

Who came up with the idea for Beauty Shot?

“I came up with the idea of BeautyShot.tv because I believe that e-commerce purchases will continue to grow and consumers will always look for the best products at the most reasonable price online. The fast growing e-commerce market that has emerged in Sub-Saharan Africa also led to the development of the idea. In order not to be a direct competitor with big online stores dealing with general merchandise, we decided to focus on the above stated niche – attached with an online channel covering topics that are related to health, beauty, food and fashion, hence the reason for the ‘.tv’. We plan to maintain the same domain name when we scale, to register and launch new branches outside the UK.”

Whereabouts are you in the project at the moment?

“As regards Vivania Beauty Shot, the product is available for purchase and consumption. However, we are currently working towards new packaging for English speaking consumers, so that we can have them in a couple of retail stores as well.”

How much will it cost?

Vivania Beauty Shot“It’ll be retailed for £29.99 max. online (Incl. VAT and Delivery). In comparison to what is currently on the market for collagen food supplements, we strongly believe that Vivania Beauty Shot syrup will do well in this category in the UK’s market. It is extremely high quality and this is a competitive price for this type of product – a 500ml bottle of Hydrolysed Peptan® Fish Collagen (with Vitamin C & Peach aroma), which is 100% free of lactose, yeast, and gluten.”

Has the product been tested?

“Yes, it was tested and approved by Evira – the Finnish Food Safety Authority. No food product or food supplements can go on sale in Finland if is not 100% perfect and safe for daily consumption.”

Can anyone use Beauty Shot?

“Yes, Vivania Beauty Shot can be consumed by anyone; both men and women. It is like using a healthy body cream everyday. Our main target audience are ladies from the age of 25 and above”

Is it on sale in other countries?

“Yes, it is on sale in the Nordics and few other countries.”

Image courtesy of Virpi Velin
Image courtesy of Virpi Velin

What feedback have you had?

“There are testimonials from people after the first 4 weeks. It caught my attention because it is one of the best selling oral beauty products in Finland with positive feedback from lots of women. And I must confess, I drink it daily too – with Organic Noni Juice.”

What are your plans for the future?

“Our future plan for BeautyShot.tv is huge, but we want to grow organically by focusing on developing a robust platform that consumers and merchants will be happy with – and also to ensure that we have lots of contents that are well displayed with price comparison and offers (on health, beauty, food, and fashion) from us and various webstores. Our main goal is to ensure that the consumers always have good value for their money through BeautyShot.tv. Regarding our proposed online studio, we’re working towards Q2/Q3 of 2017. The studio will focus on product reviews, group discussions, expert opinions; documentary on entrepreneurs within sectors covered, and bespoke photography and digital Ads services for products and small businesses.”

What are you hoping Crowdfunder can do for Beauty Shot?

“We know that crowd funding through Crowdfunder might be a bit challenging, as in raising funds because we are not inventing the product per se, but we see it as a blessing in disguise because it will also help us to get our message out there to the public. One good example is the opportunity to have our story and proposed platform published by artofhealthyliving.com.”

If you could sum up Beauty Shot in one sentence, what would it be?

“Vivania Beauty Shot is another Nordic-Scandinavian beauty secret.”

To help BeautyShot.tv Limited fulfil their project aims and to help them reach their Crowdfunder target, please go to http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/beautyshot-tv-collagen-drink-beauty-from-within/ and give them your support.

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