Conscious House London Sustainable Skincare Review

Anyone else feeling like their skin needs all kinds of attention right now? The colder, wetter months play absolute havoc on our skin. From chapped lips, cracked hands and dull complexions there’s no denying many of us would benefit from upping our skincare game. And that is where the lovely people at Conscious House London come in.

You see all of their products are made using natural ingredients designed to look after skin in the best way possible. And rightly so because as the human body’s biggest organ it’s important we take good care of it. I tried out a couple of their products when I was reviewing items for my Christmas gift guide last year and was super impressed by both the quality and the effectiveness of them and so I was absolutely delighted when they got in touch again to tell me about the gift bundles they’ve put together for this Christmas.

They have taken some of their favourite best sellers and bundled them all up into beautiful winter self care packages that are perfect for Christmas gifts or just to treat yourself – well we all need a bit of treat right now, don’t we!?! We’ve got our dry, winter ravaged mitts on the Consciously Pamper Box, which includes products to care for our lips, face and hands. So let’s take a look inside the box and see what goodies we’ve got in there.

Conscious House London – Consciously Pamper Box

All of the products included in the Consciously Pamper Box are aimed at helping to smooth, soften and soothe the skin – sounds good to me! The box costs £38 and includes:

  • Elderflower Lip Balm
  • Lip Scrub
  • Overnight Hand Cream
  • Supersoft Face Cloth (choose from Baby Blue or Dusty Pink)
  • Lavender & Grapefruit Bar Soap
  • Camomile & Ylang Bar Soap

Now I’ve done the maths and worked out that if you were to buy these items separately, which you totally can if you want to, the whole lot would cost you £51 so this is proper bargain central. Plus it all comes packaged up in a classy gift box that’s nice enough to reuse for storing bits and bobs in your bedroom – I love the magnetic close on it, so simple but really effective.


The winter months are really harsh on our lips and they can often get sore and chapped. Of course lip balm isn’t new to any of us I’m sure, but you could actually be making them worse if you’re using the wrong type. Some of the lip care products that you can buy in your fave high street stores are packed full of unnatural chemicals (have a look at the contents list and see for yourself) and these may end up making the problem worse, by drying out the sensitive skin on and around your lips thus making them red and sore and more susceptible to damage from the elements. Which is why natural lip care products are always best.

First things first is to remove the dry skin from your lips by using an exfoliator. Conscious House London’s Berry Lip Scrub contains coconut sugar as its magic ingredient, which gives it just enough grit to do the job properly but without taking away too many layers and causing damage. It also contains beetroot extract which gives it a really pretty pink colour as well as helping to naturally nourish and moisturise.  In the pot the exfoliator looks almost mousse like in consistency, but when you dab a small amount onto your finger it has more of a waxy texture that melts upon contact with the lips. Super gentle, but also really effective.

Once you’ve exfoliated your lips it’s then time to get some moisture back into them and that’s where the Conscious House London Elderflower Lip Balm comes in. It feels and looks a little bit like butter and despite starting off slightly lumpy, it rubs in so, so easily. You hardly need any at all (the pot recommends roughly 1cm’s worth) and it’s not sticky, which is one thing I can’t stand about some lip balms. I put some on in the morning and come lunchtime my lips still felt moisturised and were super soft, I was really impressed.


I’ve had my eye on a more eco friendly flannel for a while now and so I was chuffed to be able to get the chance to try out this one from Conscious House London. It’s made from 100% plant-fibre yarn in the form of eucalyptus, which means it is completely biodegradable. Available in either blue or pink, the flannel is softer than any other flannel you will have ever had before, and for that reason it means it is perfect to gently wash the delicate skin on your face.

And what better soap to lather up your new plant based flannel with than a choice of either Lavender and Pink Grapefruit or Camomile & Ylang. Both smell absolutely incredible and can be used on the body and the face. I like to keep mine in a bowl on the side of the bath so that I can have a choice and it also means that they very subtly help to scent the bathroom too. It takes a few uses before they start to lather up well, this is because of the smooth surface and the Shea butter, but persevere because those bubbles will come. Soothing and gentle, these bars of soap are great at giving you a good cleanse, but without the drying out that can happen with chemical ridden soaps.


My hands never look particularly great at the best of times (many years of nail biting) but they are completely shot away at the moment, what with the colder weather. They always get like this at this time of year and I do try to use hand cream (when I remember) but I’ve never really found one that’s up to the job. Well that my friends may all be about to change, because I think I have found my new hand savior in the form of Conscious House London’s Overnight Hand Cream. Firstly, I am loving that it is geared towards overnight rehydration, as I’ve always had an issue about using hand cream in the daytime mainly because of the whole remembering thing but also because when is there ever a good moment to put it on? If I’m not tapping away on my laptop, I’m eating, drinking, stroking the dog or doing a million different chores that I need to use my hands for, so as fast as I’m putting it on it’s coming right off again.

What I love about this hand cream is how quickly it is absorbed. Maybe it’s a reflection of just how thirsty my skin is, but seriously it literally drank it up. Non-greasy, non-sticky, and with a subtle scent of lavender and lemon, this is my new favourite winter skincare product and it has well and truly earned a place on my bedside table.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Not only are all of the products I’ve tried out amazing, but every element of the packaging can either be reused or recycled and I am all for that. From the glass jars to the aluminium lids there’s not one bit that’s gonna give you the eco guilts. This is conscious living at it’s very best and I can’t think of a nicer set of products to treat yourself to this winter.

To find out more about this box along with the rest of their product range check out the Conscious House London website.

*products gifted for review

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