Equinox Kombucha Review

I’ve been meaning to try kombucha for absolutely ages and yes I know, I know how on earth do I have the gall to call myself a health blogger if I haven’t even had kombucha? Trust me, I’m ashamed of myself!

I guess if I’m completely honest I’ve been putting it off, because even though I’ve heard about all the gut health benefits, well… I just can’t help thinking it’s gonna taste like mouldy old cabbage. It’s the ‘fermented’ word you see, it’s not exactly the most drool inducing word is it?

But the thing is, when you get sent stuff to review, you kinda gotta try these things else it just ain’t a real review, so here goes… I’m trying kombucha for the first time. The good news is that the kombucha I’ve been sent is only the ‘best selling kombucha tea drink in the UK’! The bad news is I can’t stand tea… this is gonna be interesting.

Equinox Kombucha is available in four flavours, two of which have won Great Taste Awards and is packed full of good bacteria in the form of a live culture called a ‘scoby’ (I’ve got issue with that word as well, but the less said about that the better!). Firstly, let me just say that the bottle is absolutely gorgeous, really beautifully designed and it’s always a good thing when glass is used instead of plastic – hey I’ve seen Blue Planet II and the devastation that plastic packaging is causing in our oceans so I am all for glass. Looks wise, you’d be happy swigging this at a party or ordering at a bar, you know something a little bit more spesh than your average bottle of healthy non alcoholic goodness. The smell isn’t great, think vinegar and you’ve pretty much got it, and if you choose to pour the drink out into a glass which I did, you’ll also notice some floaty bits – do I really wanna drink this stuff!?!

Right enough negative chit chat let’s have a swig.

Oooo OK so this tastes way better than it smells and it’s sparkling, I love a bubbly drink. Plus, and this is a big plus, it doesn’t taste like tea!!! Do you know what, I’m always one for saying it as it is and I’m not the kind of blogger that’s gonna tell you something’s nice when it’s not, but seriously hand on heart, I blinking LOVED this drink. The press release described it as having a sweet and sour taste, and I must admit I scoffed when I read it, but I can see exactly what they’re saying. It’s not really really sweet like a lot of soft drinks are, and it does have a kind of sour, savoury taste to it, but it’s really delicious, really refreshing and I can’t actually believe how much I enjoyed it. As someone who doesn’t suffer from any gut related health issues I’d argue that I don’t need this type of drink, but hey all needs aside I’m drinking this because I WANT to!

Having just compiled a few of my own Healthier Christmas Cocktail Recipes, I can totally see Equinox Kombucha becoming a popular alco free drink for special occasions such as Christmas. It just feels so much more adult and sophisticated than your bog standard lemonade or plain old water and if it’s sorting out the old Christmas bloat at the same time, well that’s got to be a winner right? It reminds me a little of Schloer, you know that fizzy grape juice that only really ever comes out for the designated driver at Christmas, but the beaut of Equinox Kombucha is that it’s not riddled with sugar, it’s raw, organic, unpasteurized and full of organic acids, B vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes.

Ideal for those designated drivers, the health conscious or tummy delicate, they are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians and I think they are definitely exciting enough to replace your weekend tipple if you just feel as if you owe your body a break from all that boozing.

Pour it into a wine glass and you’re gonna feel like everyone else sat round the Christmas table, but you’ll be smug in the knowledge that you won’t have a hangover, you’re not acting like a fool and you’ve gained some serious health point too!

As one of the key drinks trends this year, Equinox Kombucha is available in the following flavours: Original, Ginger, Raspberry & Elderflower, and Wild Berry and is available to buy from Waitrose.

*Product gifted for review.

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