Explore and Enjoy: 5 Positions To Spice Up The Night With Your Partner

Sex is part of a romantic relationship among couples. There are tons of benefits that you can get from having regular sex with your partner. It’s an effective physical exercise to burn the calories you’ve consumed. It’ll result in having normal blood pressure and decrease the chance of getting any heart diseases. Sex also relieves stress and improves sleep.

Moreover, sex is one factor that tightens the bond between a man and a woman intimately. It helps the couple discover each other’s pleasure. It’ll consequently reinforce the relationship to build trust and respect for each other.

However, if you find sex boring and lacking in excitement lately, you might need to find ways to revitalize your sexual desire. Spice up your sex life through experiments and explorations. Here are different sex positions that both you and your partner can explore and enjoy during intimate lovemaking.

Lovers Entwined

One of the exciting sex positions that you and your partner can try is the lovers entwined. The sex position is simple and will require both of you to lie on your side while your bodies are facing each other. The woman’s upper leg will lie on her partner’s hip, and the man’s upper leg will be on top of his partner’s lower leg.

The sex position entwines the couple’s bodies as they reach their peak of satisfaction together. They can see each other’s faces and get satisfied by manipulating a passionate, torrid kiss. They can hug and kiss each other while the sexual penetration keeps going on. It’ll surely help the couple reach their peak of happiness and fulfill their sexual desire.

Coital Alignment Technique

The coital alignment technique or CAT is another exciting sex position couples should try to spice up their night. This penetrative sex is designed to stimulate a woman’s clitoris. Like lovers entwined, this sex position is also easy to execute. It looks like a modified version of a missionary position, which you might already know.

The woman’s legs will be together on either left or right side. The man’s legs will be apart while he kneels and pushes his body forward toward his partner. He will be using his legs and muscles around his butt, hips, and waist to move his body during penetrative sex. The woman can slightly turn her side towards her partner’s face to excite him more.

If this sex position is executed correctly, the woman’s fatty tissue in the pubic bones should create a slight movement as her partner’s strong penis comes in and out. This position may not totally penetrate the man’s penis into the vagina, but the immense sexual pleasure is attainable. Hence, couples should try this sexual position during their next lovemaking.

Leapfrog Position

Couples should also try the leapfrog sex position, allowing them to give each other a pleasurable feeling. It looks like a new doggy-style technique. A woman will get on her knees while her head and arms are on the bed. She must also keep her hips raised to reach her partner’s waist. This way, the man will find it easy to penetrate his penis inside his partner’s hole.

The leapfrog sex position will allow the man to move faster, creating a deep and sensual penetration. The woman will rest her head and arms on the bed or a pillow while in this sex position. This is also a perfect technique that’ll make couples reach their sexual satisfaction together.

Doggy-Style Sex Position

A doggy-style sex position is pretty common to most couples. It’s penetrative sex using a woman’s rear entry while she’s facing away from her partner. She will be on her knees, while her hands are on the bed. During vaginal sex, the doggy-style sex position will focus on deeper penetration. It aims to stimulate the woman’s G-spot inside her vagina.

Besides that, this position gives a man easy access to deeper penetration during anal sex. It’ll increase the possibility of producing an anal orgasm. The sex position allows the man to stimulate the woman’s hips, butt, anus, and the different parts of the vagina.

If it feels a little bit uncomfortable in the vagina, the woman can position her arms and control the sexual activity. She can thrust backward onto her partner’s penis to manipulate the speed and depth the penis can penetrate. Hence, both a man and a woman can surely enjoy the pleasurable feeling they can get from this sex position.

Lazy Dog

The lazy dog sex position is an effective way to revitalize the couple’s sexual activity. The woman’s front part of the body will lie against the bed while her partner is on top of her back. The man will continuously shove his body back and forth to create sexual stimulations during penetrative sex. However, some couples will significantly enjoy the sexual pleasure brought by this sex position if there’s a good and satisfying sexual foreplay.

That’s why many couples love to experiment and explore before doing penetrative sex. In fact, most of them use different sex toys that are very effective in stimulating various pleasure areas. The lazy dog is the perfect position where you can experiment using toys. Dildos are examples of sex toys people usually use, and there are different designs and sizes according to your needs and preferences.

Most dildos aim to stimulate interior pleasure areas, such as the woman’s G-spot and A-spot. What makes using toys in the lazy dog is how each participant is positioned. With just a few moves with their toys, both participants in this position will find bliss.

There are many dildos which you can try out when you’re doing the lazy dog. You can try bboutique.co dildos online or some other related sites where you’ll surely find the best one to use during lovemaking with your partner. Therefore, the sexual pleasure of a lazy dog sex position can be successfully achieved with pre-sex activities using different sex toys.


Aside from getting various health benefits by regularly having sex, it’ll also strengthen the romantic relationship between you and your partner. If both of you have the same struggles with your sex lives nowadays, take a break or go on a vacation. You should try one or more sex positions discussed above, which will surely help spice up your night together. Keep in mind to experiment and explore what your body can do to fulfill your sexual satisfaction.

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