Extracts From My Teenage Diary – May 1993

I can honestly say that I had absolutely no idea I was so obsessed with money when I was growing up, but according to my teenage diary it seems I was! By day I washed cars (well my parents anyway, who also it seems gave me rather an odd rate of pay… just saying mum and dad 😉 ), by night I babysat with my best friend so we could split the pay and still not miss out on the opportunity to be in each other’s company – heavens forbid we didn’t see each other on any given day! And on top of that I was always on the look out for ways to save money, especially if it involved not paying for something. Hmmmm I can see where my son gets it from now.

I also don’t remember being as worried about my weight as I seem to be, and it saddens me when I look through my teenage diary now and think about all the angst I must have caused myself, especially as despite being a lot taller than the other girls in my year, I was like a beanpole, and certainly nowhere near overweight. It’s that early relationship with food that must have lead on to my future dabbling with diets and fixation with weight loss and trying to fit a certain image. I guess all teenage girls go through it, but I really want to try and avoid my own daughter experiencing this, which is why she will never hear me moan about my weight, she will never see me umming and ahhing on the scales, and she will never see me on a diet.

It gets all a bit serious in my teenage diary this month, but there are still lots of funny moments in there too, so take a mo to transport yourself back to the 90s and maybe revisit some of your own teenage growing pains!

Saturday 1st May

My TT nightshirt and t-shirt came today. The trouble is I ordered 2 nightshirts, 1 for Sheila, and only 1 came through. So we’re waiting about 2 weeks and then phoning. The trouble is if I tell Sheila the stuff has arrived she’ll say that she’ll want the nightshirt that’s already come through. Went into town and got some new trainers, school skirt, and a school top. I washed Dad’s car for £1.65 but I can’t spend it.

Sunday 2nd May

I washed Mum’s car inside and out. She said she’d give me £3 but whether she will or not is another matter. I’m ordering a grey top for school out of the catalogue. I’ve got such lush stuff for school now. I’ve got to stop eating biscuits and snacky things because I’m sure I’m starting to get fat. I’d really hate that.

Monday 3rd May

Went to Cricket St Thomas and it was really crap. It was so tight because they trained the sealions to do stuff and then rewarded them with fish. I’m ordering £13.20s worth of CTG for Claudia’s and Sheila’s birthdays. I was going to watch the Children’s Royal Variety Show because TT would be on but Dad wanted to watch a film.

Tuesday 4th May

Went to playgroup and as usual got trampled on. I’ve ordered the TT fanzine on Sheila’s order form so that means I don’t have to cut mine up. Tomorrow I’m going to Sheila’s so I have to take an overnight bag, school bag, and a PE bag. I’ll be wearing my new clothes tomorrow. Mary’s bound to laugh because she hasn’t got any fashion sense.

Wednesday 5th May

We had Mrs Green for PE. Noreen was really taking the jip, it was so funny. She kept getting me to do the demonstrations and said Rebecca’s good because she’s got long legs. Staying the night at Sheila’s. So far I haven’t eaten anything bad but I’m sure in the end I will. I have no willpower. I’ve got £1.50 for lunch tomorrow that Mum gave me. I’ll probably keep it and eat an apple that I saved.

Thursday 6th May

Today, I don’t know why, but for some reason the boys were taking more notice of me than usual. I think it’s because I’m wearing more revealing clothes.  I want them to like me for me, not my body. I’m probably just fantasizing though. How could anyone fancy me? Lucilla is now in our form, GREAT! I got Big and it had a really naff pendant with it.

Friday 7th May

I think I was fantasizing, anyway it’s not as though I fancy any of them. I got the results back from my Romeo and Juliet project. I got level 7/8 or so I would understand, 10 out of 10. Sheila fancies Oscar Burton, Claudia’s brother. She’s denied it for ages but she’s finally admitted. I suppose he’s OK. Let’s just say I’d go out with him if he asked me (but he won’t).

Saturday 8th May

Staying the night at Sheila’s. I’ve already lost 2 pounds and I want to at least lose a stone so that I can get down to eight. Went into Chippenham, only to get some rabbit food and to do history homework. My joke catalogue came today with free sneezing powder. I gave it to A to try out on Mum, but she didn’t fall for it. It’s so crap, it’s only pepper and costs 29p. Rip off.

Sunday 9th May

Last night we made ourselves up following step-by-step instructions and at the end we both looked bloody awful. I had a really good dream, it’s explained in detail in my dream book. Started making the cards for a game for Jimmy’s party. I hope we get paid for doing it, because I could do with the money. I’ve still got to give Sheila £3 to pay for my TT fanzine. She’ll have to wait until the end of May when I get my allowance.

Monday 10th May

I feel like giving up my diet and I actually ate 4 biscuits. I feel dead guilty. I’ve got to stick at it. If I stop now I’ll only put on more weight than I was in the first place. Everyone was singing “All That She Wants”, it’s so peeving. It was in my head, then it got into Arnold’s, then Tabitha’s. Mind you, at least I got to talk to Arnold. Such a privilege.

Tuesday 11th May

I really hate Wilfred. Behind my back he literally said I had no hope in the romance department. Mary said, “Rebecca hasn’t been out with anyone” and Wilfred said, “It’s not surprising”. I hate anybody who slags me off behind my back. Arnold talked to me loads today especially in Science. I know he won’t ask me out and I know I won’t him, because I’m too shy, but I suppose there’s 1% of a chance.

Wednesday 12th  May

Wilfred apologised to me. Apparently Mary got mixed up. I don’t know whether to believe it or not. I just don’t like fighting with people. Sheila came over and we went out at 6.30 for a walk in the fields and stayed out until 8.00 daydreaming about getting a boyfriend. High hopes. She’ll get one before me. I’m just so ugly and people think I’m boring. They don’t know the real me.

Thursday 13th May

Grandad and Aunty Karen came down and they’re staying until Sunday afternoon. In Music we had to make up our own pieces and he played mine and said it was excellent. I don’t even like Music. In RE we were omming which is what Hindu’s do. I kept giggling, only because I was embarrassed. Grandad kept talking about when I was a baby. How humiliating. How on earth am I going to survive until Sunday?

Friday 14th May

I’m so disappointed. Sheila phoned the Take That line and it said they’re doing an open air concert on August 27th in Essex, but yes you’ve guessed it, I can’t go because that’s when my parents are on holiday. Tickets only cost £10. Sheila said she’ll have to ask her mum whether she’ll go with her. I’ll be dead jealous if she gets to go. Mr Midwinter has fixed the vets up for me. I’ve got to meet a lady on Monday lunchtime to make arrangements.

Saturday 15th May

Went into Chippenham. I bought some denim shorts, white sleeveless shirt, grey hairband, and two magazines. Dad was getting on my nerves so I poured wine in his pudding. He nearly hit me and I threatened to phone Childline. He said I could and that next time he sees my mates he’s gonna show me up. Big deal. I wore quite a lot of make up today, but it actually looked OK. I’ve entered one of those Change Your Life competitions in Just Seventeen. Bet I don’t win.

Sunday 16th May

Did the ironing for a pound. I’ve worked out I only need to get 2 more pounds and I can start saving any extra money (not allowance) for clothes to wear to the concert. Sheila’s not allowed to go to the open air concert. I know this sounds mean, but in a way I’m glad. I managed to draw a snake for Jimmy’s party, but I don’t know how many tongues to make. Winnie hasn’t invited anyone yet. Tomorrow I visit the vets.

Monday 17th May

Rose had fixed it for me and Sheila to go to Aerobics every Friday so we can do our D of E. It costs £1.50 for an hour so hopefully Mum will pay. I went to the vets but she doesn’t know what to assess me on so I’ve got to go back when I’ve got some more information. We went into Oxfam and it surprised me to see that really they’ve got quite a lot of decent stuff in there. Me and Sheila are saving our money and then going secondhand shopping at the end of June.

Tuesday 18th May

I’ve got a major French test next Monday and Tuesday on reading, writing, and listening. I’ve started revising already because I’m determined to do really well, because it affects which set I’ll be in next year. The same applies for German. God, I’m so nervous. Tomorrow I’m staying the night at Sheila’s and then on Thursday she’s staying for dinner. I’ve decided to really concentrate when doing any sort of work.

Wednesday 19th May

PE today. I don’t suffer from asthma but god was I wheezing. Mrs Napper made us run the mile even though we had rests in between. I just lost my breath and my legs went wobbly on the last one so I stopped when I was halfway round and walked the rest with Lorna. I did the first 400m in 1 min 49 secs which I suppose wasn’t too bad. The trouble is I don’t pace myself. I start off fast and by the time I’m near the end I’m knackered.

Thursday 20th May

I cannot believe it, next week I’ve got 2 French tests, 2 German tests, and 2 Maths tests and they all help decide which sets I’ll be in next year. I’ve started revising already. Sheila came over and we revised together. Apparently, Noreen’s friend Jess, who’s in my year, is engaged. Her 18 year old boyfriend asked her to marry him. They’re waiting until she’s 17. Her parents know nothing. I’m not getting involved.

Friday 21st May

Went to Aerobics with Sheila for our D of E. We have to go to 11 more lessons. Christ I was boiling and sweat was dripping off me like water. It was so foul. A nearly hit me because I was winding him up. I haven’t spoken to him since. I’ve got some really hard, virtually impossible, History homework. Mr Goman is such a craphead. I’ve just realised I didn’t pay for Aerobics meaning I’ve gained £1.50. I’ve paid off my Smash Hits, now I can save for clothes. How lush.

Saturday 22nd May

I’m totally knackered. I’ve wrote out all my French and German revision, done most of my really hard History, and I’ve done most of my English. Sheila called round to see if she could copy my History homework. I said I’d give it to her Monday but it really miffs me to think I put all that hard work into it and then someone just goes and copies it, then when it’s wrong I get the blame.

Sunday 23rd May

I washed Mum’s car, cleaned the animals, and revised. At 1.00 I went over to Sheila’s for a rest until 4.00. I feel quite confident about my French test. I’ve revised it enough. I’m just going to try and do my best. At Sheila’s we made milkshakes. She put vanilla ice-cream and essence in hers and I put strawberry ice-cream and a fresh strawberry in mine. She babysat for Geraldine the other day. So much for sharing. She got £5.00 for it.

Monday 24th May


I think I did quite well in the reading, but the writing was a bit suspect. Aerobics has gone up to £2.00 so Mum says I have to put something towards it. GREAT. Got a letter from Tanya at last! Sheila’s and mine’s babysitting notice is in the Hullavington News.  I bet we don’t get any customers. I’ll be able to spend about £44.00 on clothes at the end of June when Rose takes me and Sheila into Bristol.

Tuesday 25th May


I got the results back today because we marked them in the lesson. I got 69 out of 80 (86%). I’m really proud of it, I never thought I’d do so well. For sports day I have to do the javelin, which I’ve never done before, and 400m which I’m totally crap at. On Saturday I can go to the vets to start my service. I’ve got to go at 8.30am and finish at 10.30am. Tomorrow we’ve got PE so I hope we do javelin. I desperately need all the practice I can get!!!

Wednesday 26th May


Did reading and writing. We marked half of our reading test and I managed to get 10 out of 10, but I know I got one question wrong because I put end of the week instead of weekend. If I’m lucky she might let me have half a mark. I really want to get a higher mark than Petunia because she’s being really bigheaded saying that she’s the best in her group, she’s going to get top marks. In actual fact she pisses me off.

Thursday 27th May


I got 94% in German which I thought was good. Sheila got 95% and she was laughing and saying, “Yes, for once I beat you”. So I said, “That’s what I hate you’ve got an image of me that I always have to get brilliant marks and when people beat me you take the jip”. She apologised. Did Jimmy’s bday party, but I don’t think she’s paying us for doing it, which I think is a bit of a cheek. Geraldine paid us £5 each for doing Graham’s.

Friday 28th May


Got my results from my first test back. I didn’t look at it all day, then when I got home I looked at it. I suppose it wasn’t too bad, I got for the levels 13 out of 17. I’ve asked for extra homework because I think I’m struggling and Mum and Dad are going to see Mr Williams and ask for his advice maybe. I’ll have to move down a set, I don’t know. Went to Aerobics, paid for the one last week. She didn’t notice so maybe I’ll keep next weeks to give me some extra money.

Saturday 29th May


It was really good. I gave this Yorkshire Terrier an injection. Damian, Trisha, Elspeth and Eli came down. Trisha is such a crapster. I said I might as well do my homework to get it out the way , she said you can’t you’ve got visitors, that’s very rude. Stupid old cow. I’ve never got on with them. I guess I must just be a loner. Oh well stuff them all, I don’t need them. I was hoping Sheila would phone but she hasn’t yet and it’s coming up to 7.15pm. Oh well.

Sunday 30th May

Because it was raining Dad didn’t go to work so we visited Grandma and Grandad instead. Lilybeth and Augustus were up there as well. I really like Lilybeth I feel I can talk to her better than Trisha and Gloria. After we went over to see Gloria, Seamus, Ramona and Michael. They’ve got another dog called Bear, he’s all curly and fluffy. He seemed for some reason to like A. Why?

Monday 31st May

Went over to Sheila’s. Some woman phoned up saying she was interested in us babysitting for her children. Tomorrow if she phones we have to go round her house to meet her and then on Wednesday hopefully we’ll be babysitting for her. Take That won the Best Pop Act award on the Splat awards. Mark Owen won best male, which was great except he kissed Sarah Greene and Ulrika Johnson. Noreen likes Mark. The bitch!


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*The names have been changed from those in my teenage diary to protect the not so innocent

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