We Need To Talk Winter Blues: How to Fight it Naturally

Vergy grey picture of a long haired woman lying in bed trying to depict the winter blues at this time of year.

Even if the weather is more reluctant to change its colours, your body is well aware of the seasonal transitions. There is something to be said about day longevity during winter – dark mornings and even darker evenings turn fleeting sun rays into precious commodities. It becomes quite difficult to generate desirable levels of vitamin D3, which naturally leads to physical weakness and lack of serotonin in one’s system. This is why it is of utmost importance to discuss the winter blues and how to fight this seasonal depression naturally.

Introduce More Folic Acid In Your Diet

Winter blues is a melody play by hormones. In order to “hack” your body during this sensitive period, you can simply look into the realm of dietary solutions for the best results. For example, there is some scientific evidence that folic acid boosts the production of serotonin. Even if only an ounce of this is true, such an effect combined with immense immune benefits of foods rich in folic acid renders it a perfect power-food for the winter period.

Bananas, avocados, leafy greens, seeds, citrus fruits and fortified cereals are by far the best sources of folic acid. By combining such foods with lean proteins and by reducing your daily intake of sugar simultaneously, your mood should stabilize after a month or two (but you need to stay consistent).

Sleep In The Right Position

Modern medical studies also demonstrate what people have known for since the beginning of their time on Earth – that their bodies require more sleep during winter. The production of melatonin, which makes us sleepy, begins earlier in the day when the day is shorter, so if we want to properly rest our bodies during these lengthy sleeping sessions, we have to pay extra attention to the healthiest sleeping positions.

Now, even though each of the typical positions have their own pros and cons, if you truly want to wake up feeling rejuvenated mentally and physically, there is hardly a better position than sleeping on your back. It’s the most convenient position for your spine column and your neck. This automatically means that your muscles will have a better chance to relax and your entire body will be treated with an effective evening of respite. This position also decreases the probability of chronic back pain through the winter, which can also affect your overall disposition.

Consume Fish Oil

As it has already been mentioned, the lack of vitamin D3 leads to serotonin deprivation which affects your sleeping habits, and this naturally leads to the overwhelming feelings of being rundown and depressed. The best fix for this issue is exposure to natural sunlight, but many hard-working individuals simply cannot spare the time of day to take a fifteen-minute stroll around the block before the night settles in.

This is why so many people take fish oil in the shape of translucent golden capsules throughout the winter – it has practically become a go-to solution for many. Vitamin D is typically found in meats of fish such as salmon, mackerel, codfish and blue fish, along with egg yolks and raw shiitake mushrooms, if you are a vegetarian. However, in today’s heavily polluted world, it’s becoming incrementally safer to ingest capsules with refined fish oil.

Get Into The Rhythm Of Things

Of course, fighting a bad mood through natural methods also entails matters that go beyond nutrients and sleeping positions. You should also make an extra effort to get into the specific rhythm of your life – to wake up and go to sleep at the same time and consume meals at regular intervals. You should also introduce regular mood-lifting habits into your daily schedule and practice them on daily basis.

For example, you can take the concept of “getting into the rhythm of things” to its literal conclusion and begin every winter morning with an upbeat song-list that suits your tastes. Fill your after-work hours with reinvigorating activities such as meditation and yoga and make a list of profound books that you need to read before you die. Cap-off each night with a two-hour reading session.

Winter blues is not an imaginary thing – as many people would frustratingly claim. It can be an especially tricky period for individuals that are emotionally sensitive or prone to bouts of depression. However, you do not have to pack your medical cabinet with pills in order to ensure improved mood. By following just a few simple tips and tricks to fight the winter blues through natural methods, you will ask yourself where all those blue winter days were as the first spring flowers begin to emerge.

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