Funny Moves You Should Be Doing To Get In Shape

Having that perfect body takes a lot of hard work and efforts. You have to go to the gym everyday, eat some fresh foods or for some who are rich they spend money for surgeries. I have read an article which we will share here some of awesome moves that you’ll surely wanna try to get in shape.

Pilates Open-Leg Rocker
“Grab your ankles, open your legs, and smile” might not be the kind of direction you’d expect from your group fitness instructor, but anyone who’s tried Pilates has seen this move in action—and knows what a great workout it is.

Why you should do it: The open-leg rocker is not only great for strengthening your core, it also challenges your balance, flexibility, and coordination—three important aspects of fitness we often neglect.

How to do it: Sit with a straight back, tight core, and knees bent in front of chest. Lift feet so you’re balancing on your sit bones. If this feels challenging, you can do the roll from here. To make it harder (and get the full embarrassing effect), extend both legs straight out in a “V,” grabbing each ankle or calf. Once you’re stable, roll onto your back, engaging your core the entire time, and then roll back up to balance on your rear without letting go of your legs.

Birthing Squat

Unless you have a tiny human bursting from your loins or are training for your first Sumo match, this deep squat can feel a little too… exposed.

Why you should do it: This type of squat helps open your hips, aligns your spine, and stretches out your inner thighs. You can hold it in the down position for a relaxing stretch, or you can stand up and repeat the squat to sculpt your butt, hamstrings, and inner thighs.

How to do it: Place your feet wider than hip width, knees and toes pointing out to the sides. Tuck your pelvis under and squat down as deeply as you can. Place your elbows inside your legs and gently push out to increase the stretch.

Dive-Bomber Pushups

This may be the most awkward position on our list, but you’ll likely be so focused on not face planting that you’ll forget about your high-flying booty.

Why you should do it: This challenging twist on the classic pushup strengthens your chest, shoulders, back, core, and arms while also improving your balance and coordination.

How to do it: Start in a downward dog position with hands and feet on the floor and hips up so that your body makes an upside down “V.” Lower your chest down and forward in between your hands, lightly brushing the floor. As you swoop up with your head and chest, bring hips down through your hands until you’re in upward-facing dog. From here, you can either use your core muscles to lift your hips and push back into the original position, or you can reverse the “dive bomber” motion and swoop back through.

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