GLADIFY: A New App For Your Wellness Toolkit

Now more than ever we need to focus on our mental health and wellbeing. But that can often be easier said than done, especially when it may feel as though our own needs fall way down the priority list. One thing the coronavirus pandemic has taught us is that the state of our mental health is just as important as our physical health. We know that regular exercise in the form of running, cycling, strength training, home workouts, even walking is what leads to good physical health. And yet many of us remain clueless as to how to go about mentally improving ourselves. GLADIFY is a new app that aims to show you the best ways to navigate the path to a more positive mindset.


There are literally hundreds of books and videos out there that are centred around ways to enrich your life, how to reach your true potential, to better yourself, help with creating mindful moments, to focus your thoughts etc. and whilst this is brilliant, it can also be incredibly overwhelming. What GLADIFY does is take all the principles of some of these best selling books and most downloaded vids and compiles them altogether to sift out exactly what it is you need to know. Because actually, when you strip it all back the fundamental principles of mental wellbeing are very much the same – we just need a helping hand learning what they are and how to apply them to our own individual circumstances.

Let’s hear from GLADIFY founder Jochem Verheul to explain it in a bit more detail:

The GLADIFY platforms offers everybody the possibility to fulfil his dreams. Because being happy and successful isn’t a case of being lucky, it’s a combination of behaviour, competencies and life style. The better you know how to apply these, the more successful you’ll be in life.

So basically this is a platform, or a hub if you like, that works by connecting people together giving them the opportunity to support one another, to ask for help, to offer help and share ideas and practices that have worked for them, and to get the conversation started around mental wellbeing. While at the same time providing learning resources such as online courses, daily affirmations, visualization practices, goal setting activities and mindful moments to teach some key coping mechanisms and strategies.

And what better time for this to be launched than now; a time when our contact with others is so limited – we really need something like this right!?! Because although ultimately it’s up to us to create our own destiny, it sure does make it an awful lot easier if we have help along the way. This is a step by step journey towards personal development that we are in together and GlADIFY teaches us that together we can do this.

Great, Where Can I Sign Up?

Pre-registration for the GLADIFY is open now and it is as easy as hopping on over to the website and signing up with a few details – the usual kind of thing; name, email address etc.

To pre-register for free (yes for FREE!) go to

And once you’ve finished the course program you then have the opportunity to take on the GLADIFY 30 day challenge that will enable you to further build on what you’ve learnt and work towards creating the life you’ve always wanted to lead by realising your true potential and becoming the person you want to be.

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